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20may07ec102 • Dec 6, 2008

How to make Ir control for a 2.1 speaker?

Hi friends,
I have philips 2.1 PC speaker with FM tuner.I want to make IR controller for its functions like:::volume control,Reset and scan.

Speakers are not provided with any Remote control...i just want to make a part of a very tiny project..

I searched on net.But I have some doubts::
  • Do they need an external power supply or i can get power supply from speakers' ?
  • Are they compatible with any Watt output speakers?
reachrkata • Dec 6, 2008
If your speaker system has an AC power supply of its own, you can use it. It should be having an AD-DC converter inside for its electronics. Just take care that your Remote control application doesn't consume current that could overshoot the internal power supply ratings. Since you said its a PC speaker, one idea would be to use the USB as source of power for your system.

I don't think the power supply would be same for all wattage speakers. Because higher the wattage, higher would be the DC supply to the amplifier inside. But of course you can add a small power supply of your own for your system.

20may07ec102 • Dec 14, 2008
Thanx..i ll post any other queries if there..
gs.shirnewar • Dec 14, 2008
IR need 5 to 7 dc voltage
reachrkata • Dec 18, 2008
Not necessarily, there are IR sensors available that work with 3.3V also.

😁 • Dec 30, 2008
Really I am new to these kind of prjects. .

Could any one explain me the whole layout of the project in clear form. .

that is ..

--> what are required things.
--> How to make volume controls according to sensor output

-->how to differentiate between different controls in IR [IE What parameter is used to differentiate between signal to increse the volume or to decrese the volume?

Please help me and if i succed this will be my first ever project?

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