@safwan • 31 Aug, 2009
I am learning visual studio 2008 . I want to join my project with sql server 2008(Specifically not any other like oracle or mysql ) . Firstly I want to create database name "Library " but when i open SQl server Management studio it opens but it opens one more small windows it says connect to server. but I run it on my home pc as I want to study so when I connecet it with my pc and I open database file which already written by some one else it shows me Message
"Unhandled exception has occred in a component in your application. If you click countinue .the application will ignore error and attempt to countinue .
Object reference not set to an instance of an object." 😒

well, this was when I try to run new script. 😒

But I want to create new database and make tables and records of my own on SQL server can any one give me steps or links which help me.
@sookie • 31 Aug, 2009 Hi safwan,

Assuming your setup and installation process was done successfully. Please check if you are looking for following links :

SQL Server Express Edition For Beginners

SQL Server Tutorial

Web Development with SQL Server 2008 Express How To Guides

For Installation -> Sql Server 2008 Express Edition Installation Guide

Hope can be of any help.
Thanks !
@safwan • 24 Sep, 2009 well, still I get problems Why I dont get SQL command line in SQL srver 2008 express like ORacle 10g. I have already installed it .when I start Microsoft Sqlserver Management studio and try to connect it its ask me server name i dont run any server but I just type my pc name still its shows error in connection and big message.
@safwan • 25 Sep, 2009 I searched on MSDN but still its not appropriate on it .
@Mahesh Dahale • 25 Sep, 2009 Connecting to server
There is an authentication in authentication there are 2 types
1) SQL server authentication
2) Windows authentication
This is set to windows authentication
There are 2 tabs on the connect to server dialog box : the login tab and the Connection Properties tab
To view the conn. Properties tab click the Option button. Use the connection properties tab to input authentication credentials and server name
if your PC name is Home then Server name will be HOME\SQLEXPRESS
I think it will help you And also
For Installation Guide https://www.packtpub.com/article/microsoft-sql-server-2008-installation-made-easy
@Mahesh Dahale • 25 Sep, 2009 Otherwise you also Try This:-
To connect to your SQL 2008 database using SQL Server Management Studio, follow the steps listed below:

Open SQL Server Management Studio, the "Connect to Server" window will open. Select/enter the following:

  • Server Type: Database Engine
  • Server Name: [The SQL server name found in Control panal]
  • Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
  • Login: [SQL 2008 Login name]
  • Password: [SQL 2008 Password]
Click "connect" and you will be connected to the SQL 2008 server.

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