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How to calculate the wind load carrying capacity of a duct MS Chimney?

Please let me have the guidelines to calculate the wind load carrying capacity of a duct MS Chimney,which is connected to the exhaust pipeline of a Diesel Generator.The Dia of the chimney pipe is 100 mm and the height from the DG Exhaust are approximately 12 M.


Thanks for the same.I have initiated with the available formula.Now,please guide me after getting the following data.

Calculated wind pressure=3 kg/sq. met.

Height of the chimney=15 met.

The outer diameter of the chimney(Galvanised Mild Steel)=100 mm

Inner Diameter of the Chimney=96 mm.

How the wind load analysis will be done?

Divide the height of the chimney into some segments. (five may be enough for a 15 m height). Using appropriate formulae calculate the wind velocity for each section at the average height of each segment. Using appropriate drag formulae calculate the drag on each. Addup. This will be the total wind load. Since the bottom of the chimney is rigidly fixed to the ground, the system can be treated as a cantilever. Using the values for MS for the particular chimney cross section, you can see if the strength is adequate for the wind velocities given.

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