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@fisfiseani • 18 Aug, 2012
Dear All,
I have one Assembly Language programme which i want to load in micro-controller IC(89C51),what is the procedure for that?
@Abhishek Rawal • 18 Aug, 2012 You will need a compiler named Keil. In Keil, .asm file is to be converted in .hex; down there in Keil software there is button "compile/build" .. if program is bug free then it will proceed to .hex file. (note: you need to enable generate hex file in options)

You can get .hex direct from C, converted .asm is pretty boring .... so C is more suitable than Assembly language, now-a-days. You know it saves loads of time. plus length of assembly language programs are more than C program.

In the end after converting your program in .hex file, you will need IC loader to load the IC with your desired program.

the image below will clear out your doubts.
@Harshad Italiya • 18 Aug, 2012 • 1 like Additional Reply.... You need Programmer to load that hex file into microcontroller. Some Chip supports Serial. In that case you can use flash Magic and Serial port of your PC.

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