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How is the job scenario in CDAC Pune for Software Engineers?

Everyone keeps talking about CDAC courses but very few talks about the job there. I wanna know why is it so? Is CDAC good for training only? There are many good job opportunities as i have read and they also offer government benefits to employees. If anybody has any idea about this then please help.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 7, 2019

Welcome to CrazyEngineers, @Mahima Awasthi . I had talked with a few people who did CDAC courses. In general, recruitments in any season are driven by the overall market scenario. There are seasons when there will be lot of companies recruiting CDAC candidates; and there will be 'low' hiring season as well. 

However, CDAC overall should be a great addition. 

 Is CDAC good for training only? 

Not really. In fact, it helps prepare the topic in depth that most of the engineering students miss during their four-year studies. I've had an ex-colleague who was a CDAC alumni and he was super confident about his programming skills. 

When the client had asked us to pick up a new programming language; he was the first one to do so and then taught the rest of the team. He credited it to his learnings at CDAC. 

Unfortunately, most candidates opt for CDAC only as a short-cut to the jobs market. While that's true, they don't pay attention to what the industry demands. The industry wants good programmers / skilled people who can bring good value to the table. 

I'm not sure about government benefits to employees. But good CDAC candidates who I've personally known were absorbed by the industry within 6 months of finishing their training - either through the campus or through walk-ins. 

Pune is an important IT Hubs in India and if you opt for good course - your chances of getting picked up in a good company are better over others. 

Does this help a bit? If yes, please hit Like! If no, post your follow-up question below. 

Thanks for a very descriptive and detailed answer.I am obliged.But I am concerned with getting a job at CDAC and their recruitment process.I am not talking about the companies hiring through CDAC. As many of us must be familiar that CDAC has a great hands on in IT services and also had it's involvement in the super computer PARAM, I want to join CDAC as a software engineer,I want to work at CDAC,Pune and wanna know how they hire their employees.

Hope I made myself clear!

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 7, 2019

I looked at the CDAC website and stumbled upon this page: Current Job Opportunities and also Careers@C-DAC

It lists all the openings at various CDAC centers. Keep an eye on it so that you are aware of all the latest openings at various CDAC centers. 

I however think that they're likely to hire experienced candidates for various positions. Do you have any work experience? 

Browse the links I've posted above, they should give you the required information. Thanks! 

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