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How can WhatsApp chats be recovered from cloud?

Question asked by Kaustubh Katdare in #Gadgets #Hacking and Security on Aug 27, 2020
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Aug 27, 2020
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I'm following the SSR death case on TV news channels and it looks like the agencies have accessed the old / deleted chats from the cloud. I'm wondering how is this possible? 

WhatsApp, AFAIK does encrypts all the chats and the messages are deleted from their servers as soon as they are delivered to the receiving device. 

That means, the chats won't be available on WhatsApp's servers. Is there any third part involved in storing the WhatsApp chats?

The only way I can think of recovering the chats is that WhatsApp backs them up in individual's Google drive - a setting that allows you to control. 

Does anyone know more information about this?     

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Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal · Sep 1, 2020
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Whatsapp support end to end encryption means if I am receiver then only I have key to decrypt message, so may be if someone has access to end user mobile where whatsapp was installed then they can decrypt messages because they have that key

Pistle Jumbo
Pistle Jumbo · Sep 22, 2020

Restore your chat history from an iCloud backup following these steps-

  1. Verify that an iCloud backup exists in WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  2. If you can see when the last backup was performed, delete and reinstall WhatsApp.
  3. After verifying your phone number, follow the prompts to restore your chat history.

I hope this will be helpful

Best Regards

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