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How can India be the next super power in the world in all sectors?

Question asked by Jai Patel in #Indian Political on Jan 4, 2020
Jai Patel
Jai Patel · Jan 4, 2020
Rank C3 - EXPERT

India is considered as a developing economy, what are the sectors which needs to be improved to make India one of the best nation across the world? 

Posted in: #Indian Political
Mohana Chandra
Mohana Chandra · Jan 4, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

The following are points that deals with completely on my thoughts about the change of India.

  • The first and foremost is that Government Employees must work on time and should respond to the people in a better way because i have seen many of the government officials working lazy and responding very recklessly, which i think is making Our India to stand a few steps back.
  • Politician must add valuable words, targeting to improve India in a more better way rather than encouraging people towards unnecessary things to focus on.
  • People should focus and aim on  Our Nation to develop it to a better one ,by keeping in my mind  "All the Sacrifices of lives of our soliders" rather than focussing only on making their Assets.

And Finally,

 I feel  little better, but not satisfied to hear that India is a developing country .

I wish to hear people saying  about India that "India is a Developed Country" before I die.

Kavya Burramolla
Kavya Burramolla · Jan 6, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

In my view the below factors can improved to make India a developed country : 

1. Excellent educational practices increase in the literacy rate - we have a good education system in India and it can be improved even more. Introducing practical labs, brain storming activities, compulsory sports, extracurricular activities etc., right from the pre primary classes helps the generation to become tomorrow’s future of the nation. We were in a situation where parents as well as teachers was focusing on academic studies and made students to feel that education and studies are the only thing to get successful but then slowly even parents now a days are understanding the importance of other activities like sports, and encouraging their children to do what they are passionate about. In this way we can see most of them get the chance to do what interests them and excel in the field, it can be studies, sports, arts etc., and make a  place in world records representing India.

2. The other main obstacle for India to become a developed country is poverty and unemployment. Government is taking measures to reduce the poverty by introducing Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana - financial inclusion, also to reduce the unemployment government started giving funds to startup companies to encourage young minds to develop their ideas, funds to  women to start their own small scale business etc.,

Vinay Mishra
Vinay Mishra · Jan 8, 2020
Rank B2 - LEADER

Superpower is farther for India, We have to go through several steps for getting a superpower nation tag.

We're now one of the developing countries and first, we have to complete this stage. @kavya covered all points by which India is going to be a developed nation. Sports, Education, Living facilities and Technology are the main factors.

To become a superpower nation, India should strictly focus on some important points:

Proper implementation of the law: According to the World justice project's rule of law index. Netherland's ranks 1 globally when it comes to effective and timely enforcement of laws, whilst India ranks 66 out of 113 nations.

Equality among citizens: You all know what I mean. Be it the state or the people themselves, recognizing equality in diversity is important to ensure peace between people of different castes, religions, gender, communities, etc. A lot of riots and unrest are caused due to people being divided into the ‘exploiters’ and the ‘exploited’. A country cannot progress if its own people are divided and fighting each other, instead of going against the already-existing evils like illiteracy, poverty, environmental destruction, etc.

There are some more points like Science, Technology, Nation security, Citizen's patriotism, etc. on which we should focus to become a superpower in the world.

Durgesh Srivastava
Durgesh Srivastava · Jan 16, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

India can be the next super power in all the world by-

Improving their Education sector- May be have some several changes in the education sector.

Manufacturing rate should be high.

Control the population rate.

Improve the Economy growth.

GDP rate should be high.

Implementation of law properly.

[Prototype] · Jan 17, 2020
Rank B1 - LEADER

Well, in India, people fight to be called "backward". I am sure this is one of the unique phenomenon in the world where people fight their butt off to be proven backward rather than fighting to be called not backward. 

How do you take such people forward? A nation is nothing but it's people. India or any other country is not a geography but its people. You're India, I am India. 

There are many things which India doesn't have but the most significant one is irresponsible citizens. The very first step is for everyone to realize their responsibility.

When that is done, next step could be to work on population. On the expense of being called anti poor, I'll still go ahead and say it. People shouldn't be allowed to reproduce unless they have some minimum income. If that calls for force castration, so be it. These people who don't have enough to eat themselves, they reproduce and bring more offsprings to share the misery. This does not help us but put more burden on resources and citizens. I mean, our PM has announced that every pregnant women be given 6k for medical. I don't agree to it. Why there should be a pregnant women who can't afford to have kids? 

Once population is under control, we need to work on social security. Providing proper medical care at affordable prices, making sure nobody stays hungry. It may appear to contradict my previous para but we can do this when we have exceptionally low amount of LQ people. Besides, this should be mostly focussed on the seniors who are done with the innings but unfortunately couldn't have enough savings. 

In parallel, the education system in India needs reform. Universities needs to be research oriented. 

I've much more to say, but I am tired of typing on mobile. May be I'll edit and add more. 😅

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