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Hey dear engineers what is your challenges with stress in your life?

Question asked by Lior Atias in #Debates #Coffee Room #Electrical on May 31, 2020
Lior Atias
Lior Atias · May 31, 2020

Does stress from work and enviorment effects your life decisions and way ?

Posted in: #Debates #Coffee Room #Electrical
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar · May 31, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

For me, office environment used to affect in starting of career , first 2 years. 

Now, until I have no worries for bread and butter at my dinner table. The moment I step out of office, I would not be worrying even for the moment till next day in office. 

Of course I would be helping in case of emergency but I won't be thinking about x amount of work left, I got disagreement with my boss, colleague or have to fix a critical bug ASAP. 

Never invest your emotions if profesional life. Keep both personal and professional life completely sperate. You may find some friends at workspace who become your friends in person life but treat them according , if it's office business or personal matter.

The sooner anyone learn this, they will be more happier, both in personal and office life.

Lior Atias
Lior Atias · Jun 14, 2020

Hey thank you for your comment!

i agree that there is a diffrence between work life and personal life and it seems you balance your life with this subject
Was anxiety part of your journey as engineer ?
if so did you overcome it by what actions?

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