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rahuljin • Mar 16, 2009

[help]purchase from sparkfun


i want to purchase from sparkfun, dont know how to buy.
the prices are in dollars and what about the import duty and other taxes ?

btw, thanks

Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Mar 21, 2009
hey Rahul,
basically what you want to buy?
You can use credit card or Paypal.

Import payments vary from country to country, and are payable to Customs, not Sparkfun. What you pay Sparkfun is only the product and shipping costs.

You can try checking the website of the local customs, and see the list of tariffs. Sparkfun ships their products usually under the label of "hobby electronics", which is more akin to toys rather than sophisticated electronic components. Most likely the customs will let it through without any taxes or permits.
silverscorpion • Mar 22, 2009
Better check with your local customs office to get an idea of about how much the duty will be for the product you want to buy..
gohm • Mar 22, 2009
Also, reach out to the vendor as I am sure they have experience in the matter.
rahuljin • Mar 22, 2009
actually i want to get the lcd breakout board. i am from india. i dont have credit card or payplay account.
rahuljin • Mar 22, 2009
no, i want to get the nokia coloured lcd breakout board.
I suppose you've been to this one?
.:! Online TPS - Nokia 6610 LCD!:.

It should be easy to interface, even though there is no obvious breakout connections. The connector is available for sale too. The price looks pretty attractive.

I don't think it's worth to get it from Sparkfun if you can get it locally. The standard shipment price from there is around $30, on top of the $35 for the LCD breakout board.
rahuljin • Mar 22, 2009
the main problem is that i have the lcd and the connector
.:! Online TPS - Display Connector !:.

but the connect is so small that it is impossible for me to solder it.
ram_tenet • Jul 13, 2009
You can procure sparkfun products in INDIA from !

, we have free technical support offers!

gohm • Jul 13, 2009
If you wish to advertise with us, you need to go through the site administrator.
revamp • Aug 22, 2009 - the official distributor for sparkfun products in bangalore,india

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