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KO 'Teju
KO 'Teju • Jul 24, 2011

HELPPP. WINWINWIN.Chemical Engineering/Chemistry/Engineering Mini-Mini-Project Ideas?

Win my eternal owing should you help me!

Confused Newbie here! 😐 Was hoping to get some help for this qualification project.
I'm an aspiring Chemical Engineer, still in school however, by school I mean, I have one year left of High School. (i.e. I'm 17 so if I sound less-than-knowledgeable, thats why)

I have to do a 5000 word essay on a topic of my choice, OR 1000 word essay accompanied by a piece of some sort-documentary, painting, play, product. Literally, anything.
Usually answering a question of some kind e.g. How has the industrial revolution affected international relations since the beginning of the 20th century? Then analyse and explore ya da ya da ya da to some kind of conclusion.
I'd rather do the accompanied thing and initially thought about doing something on cosmetics and product development, how its changed thanks to technology over time to seem like I have a life as well as interest. But theres nothinggg for me to read/analyse.

I would like it to be chemistry/engineering/technologically related to show University admission tutors my passion; but have little to no knowledge on the big/innovative questions out there. While I don't want to do something basic and school level.

So yeah. Basically this is a desperate shout for help πŸ˜€ All suggestions welcome. Even if they venture off chemistry etc but into like economics etc.

Re: HELPPP. WINWINWIN.Chemical Engineering/Chemistry/Engineering Mini-Mini-Project Id

This looks like a homework right? What have you tried till now?
KO 'Teju
KO 'Teju • Jul 24, 2011
Re: HELPPP. WINWINWIN.Chemical Engineering/Chemistry/Engineering Mini-Mini-Project Id

Mmmm, not exactly a homework. Its a recognised qualification equal to 1.5 AS's but less than a full A level qualification (British university requirement qualification for home students). And I've got 6 months to complete it, its marked 50% on the final piece but the rest like how I managed my time, carried out research etc. So Far I've been back and forth, I looked at
-BP Oil Spill, what went wrong and why, and in the future, what types of technology could fade out disasters like this. But I thought that was too advanced and I'd eventually hit a wall, research wise.
-How have technological revolutions changed worldwide relations and was going to focus on main points in scientific history and their outcomes e.g. nuclear power, and Fukishima, the steam engine and international trade etc.

I'm currently looking at a blank canvas and open to anything πŸ˜€
Re: HELPPP. WINWINWIN.Chemical Engineering/Chemistry/Engineering Mini-Mini-Project Id

KO 'Teju
I'm currently looking at a blank canvas and open to anything πŸ˜€
The advantage of a blank canvas is that there is nothing to erase.

Here are some areas (all involve considerable chemical engineering) for consideration:

1. Exploitation of Geo Thermal Energy.
Geothermal Education Office - Power From the Earth's Heat

2. Solar Drying of Agricultural Products.
Solar Dryer for Agricultural Products
Solar drying collector and solar air heater in Thailand

3. Electrography for inorganic analysis.
Dean's analytical chemistry handbook - Google Books

I am fascinated by this. I have done considerable experiments on this and designed and built equipments as well. See Section 14.7 (page 14.103 and following) at the above URL.
It is an anodic process, where a small anodic current dissolves microscopic amounts of metals from a sample and produces a latent map of the different ions present in a porous surface. The patterns can be revealed with appropriate chemicals.

This is only a sampling of hundreds of areas that can be looked at. Please let me know if any of it interests you. All the best in your endeavour. As a chemical engineer I have an enlightened self interest in increasing the tribe.

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