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Help with final year project (C/Java/.Net)

Question asked by sahana in #Java on Aug 16, 2008
sahana · Aug 16, 2008
Rank D2 - MASTER
hello every one.i am right now doing my final year in computer science, and still not yet decided my final year project.
i like programming in C and actually would like to do a project in C.But many have advised its not a very good idea to do it in C because Java and .Net are better areas and the talk of the day.Its not that i am very very specific or some thing just that i am very comfortable in C.
But i am not able to come up with any project in C, can anyone please share their ideas.is it worth that i stick on to C?

right now i actually have no idea on what to do regarding my project.
please guide me Posted in: #Java
umesh936 · Aug 16, 2008
Rank D3 - MASTER
Re: help

if u wana go in C,
try to make FTP on serial port or parllel port its ur chioce....
can make it on USB then it is good....

can zip the file then transfer it ....(if u wana more big..)..

can make driver for any device like CD-ROM, NIC, etc....

can make atoy O/S doing 20-30 commands , boot itself then show prompt.. and accept commands... store it in floppy with help of boot loader then run from floopy....

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