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Help regarding my career ? job in Core(EEE) or IT?

Question asked by pr159260 in #Coffee Room on Mar 19, 2013
pr159260 · Mar 19, 2013
Rank D3 - MASTER
I have completed BE EEE and 2012 passed out. I am from chennai. I was selected by One of mnc. But till now i didn't get joining. I tried to get job related in my core field but everywhere it requires referral . and also tried in IT companies as they need much more programming language than i know so i couldn't get pass through it as I know just c and c++. Now i thought of joining of DOTNET course but it will take atleast one month. at that time 2013 fresher will be out in competetion. NOW I AM IN NEED OF SUGGESTION you all crazy engineers what should i do get job either related my core or IT? Help me please Posted in: #Coffee Room
Vignesh Raghav
Vignesh Raghav · Mar 19, 2013
Rank C3 - EXPERT
Hello CE mate ...do not make a hasty decision on falling onto IT courses without knowing where are you going to head to ... Are you strong in C or C++ try to get into a startup companies . As startup companies would be best haven where you can struggle a lot and you will be given individual importance (Only if u are willing to struggle)

I understand the difficulties . If you find the companies still delaying in providing u the offer letter and the period is more than 4 or 5 months ,you can try to enquire with CDAC (centre for development and advance computing) which gives you profound knowledge about embedded (blend of hardware and software) , as there is a deep demand for embedded domain . I would say it is worth trying . Though they provide placements ,I will not talk about that ,CDAC by itself is a company run by ministry of govt , so u will be absorbed by them if u excel in the course module . Therein you can gain enough amount of experience and try for next tier companies .

A word of caution - This is just an alternative solution. Please enquire thoroughly before you could try ,whether this one suits you . Also wait for peers to pour in their solutions .
pr159260 · Mar 20, 2013
Rank D3 - MASTER
Vignesh Raghav thanks for your reply. Actually i was in dilemma whether to do embedded or not now i am somewhat clear as i was also interested in that. Can you tell me whether one can get deep knowledge in embedded in that center and can you tell me whether they provide placements? and also i am strong in c and C++. but i couldn't find much startup as most of them requires more than c and c++.

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