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nick27 • Aug 21, 2009

HELP PLSSS!!!What to do??

hi friends.....

I am 2009 pass out computer engineer(B Tech).
I got placed in tcs and cmc via campus placements...but due to current market scenario there is no hope i can see of getting a call soon.

Also i didnt sit for any other exam like gate or public sector exam....

Now ,its really getting frustrated 😕😕😕

I am confused and sad...even after getting two offers im sitting at home...and those moron neighbors are really wondering if i had got job offer or not....its frustrating my parents more than me...

Now i am planning to do GRE but i am not sure doing MS will be beneficial in current scenario.....😒😒😒
Help out friends....reallly
if u can suggest me something else me
Differential • Aug 21, 2009
First of all congratulations for being placed in TCS. It's really a good company. Now, I don't think there is any need of being frustrated or panic. You are 2009 passout and it's just August 2009. Obtain a tentative date of joining and then you can decide on what to do. You might study for some exam or may get another job till that time.
vishnu priya
vishnu priya • Aug 21, 2009
Having placed in such a good company,why do you get tensed man?BE COOL,,Doing MS will be beneficial if you are really interested in it,,but please don't take all your neighbours views to your heart,,you know that you have been placed in a good organisation,,so dont get frustrated my friend,,be cool,,take life as is comes,,

please do inform us when you are called by the company.
studying abroad sounds like a good idea...ask yourself what you are interested in and proceed with it...all the best!!!
harrystone • Aug 21, 2009
Things will be better, hold on young man, never lose your heart, that is very IMPORTANT!
arjunoids • Aug 22, 2009
in our college also, some ppl have been selected. they said that they 'll be calling in jan(2010). so, till then try to do some courses like c,c++, hardware, etc.,
all the best.
nick27 • Aug 23, 2009
Thanks guys for all your replies........thanks for your support......😎😎.....i let u know when i get call...........

well i actually i really want to pursue career in research ,so thats the reason i thought about doing ms.......

anyways guys thanks for all your it can be really tough sitting at home and waiting....
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 23, 2009
Congratulations for getting placed in two good companies. Always listen to people but only keep the things in mind that 'matter'.

Rest is all junk.
Do not worry!!!
A friend of mine got selected to TCS in 2006 - Nov and he joined some time in Aug - 2007 so you will get your joining date for sure some day 😀

Pursue your interests in the mean time 😀

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