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[Help] I need some suggestion/advice regarding my project.

Hi there,
I'm doing final year on mechanical engineering and my project team was decided to make a Bullet proof jacket with a composite material.
Before that i/we need some suggestions regarding making a bullet proof jacket. Just suggest/advice me about the bullet proof jackets made by carbonfiber (that already exists) and kevlar(that too already exists) i.e., what type of test should be made? What are the requirements of a bullet proof jacket? etc., and also i need to know that carbonfiber and carbon nano tube. Both are same?
sumit468 • Feb 11, 2016

This is a question of size. Carbon nanotubes can be single-walled, but also multi-walled, but are those having the lowest diameter and the most defectless structure. Carbon nanofibres are much bigger, thus sometimes loose the concentrical structure, and also they can have a number of defects which are mostly absent from nanotubes. Hence the outstanding mechanical properties of nanotubes, especially the single-walled ones. Carbon fibres are even bigger (diameters of a few microns), are thus more disordered, less oriented, with more defects, etc., hence their lower mechanical properties (which can remain quite high though).
sumit468 • Feb 11, 2016
Bullet-proof vests
contain many layers of tightly-woven fabric such as Kevlar (or hard, strong materials such as ceramic or titanium) which can stop the metal pistol or revolver bullets or metal shell fragments from going into a person's body.
sumit468 • Feb 11, 2016

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