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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 10, 2011

Guide: Update PS3 Firmware Via USB/Flash Drive

I tried upgrading PS3's firmware to 3.60 and I discovered solutions to common problems many PS3 enthusiasts might be facing. No matter how I tried, PS3 won't recognize the USB/Flash drive. Find out the solution to this problem.

There are three ways you can upgrade your PS3 firmware -

1. Online: You'll need a live, fast internet connection and uninterrupted power supply. This method is the most straightforward and you can get to it via 'System Update' option on PS3 XMB.

2. Via USB or Flash Drive: This option is also available via 'System Update' option on XMB, but in my case, I couldn't get PS3 to recognize that I had the required PS3UPDATE.PUP file on my flash drive. If you're facing the same problem do the following -

a. Format your pen drive with 'FAT' file system. If you're on Windows7, you can insert your pen drive into your computer. Right click on the Pen Drive icon and select -> Format -> Choose 'FAT' (not 'FAT32') option and perform a Quick Format.


b. Store your PS3UPDATE.PUP file at following location on your pen drive -


Note that the folder names should be ALL CAPS. This is important and the folder hierarchy as well.

Now insert your pen drive in your PS3 and proceed with the upgrade.

3. If you have the update on a disk, PS3 will recognize it and ask you for an upgrade if you've a newer update file. I haven't tried this option yet.

If you encounter further problems, feel free to ask in this thread 😀

Happy Gaming!

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