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Google's Android Vs Oracle(java)

Question asked by sushant005 in #Gadgets on Aug 19, 2010
sushant005 · Aug 19, 2010
Rank C1 - EXPERT
There is hidden war on going between Google and Oracle.
Android is having the different Virtual machine called as Dalvik Virtual machine is a capable of compiling java .class file to its .dex file.Can we say that this is going to break the Java bytecode portability in future.

For the timing Google has managed to by pass Oracle on Android.
What do you think the future income of Oracle from java will be reduces dramatically.

Whats your opinion? Posted in: #Gadgets
mohit007kumar00 · Aug 22, 2010
Rank B2 - LEADER
I don't think so.
Byte code come with some good features like it is a compressed file that is the advantage of byte code over .obj file used in c++.
Actually without knowing what is the advantage of .DEX file it's not fair to give any compliment.
Few days ago google announced his first operating system crome(Google 1st operating system).
But who knows it comes and gone now.On crome launching time we hear many thing like hidden wars between Microsoft and google.Some says that crome comes with a vary less booting time but who knows how long it continues.Microsoft launching his operating system from many years and google is new in this area.
Leo · Aug 25, 2010
Rank B3 - LEADER
There is nothing to worry about Java losing it portability because Sun Protects everything regarding Java and can easily claim on any technology that misuses Java according to Sun Microsystems. Sun's very first priority for Java was always Portability and will always remain same because that was the only reason to develop programming language Java. Microsoft once tried to break rules set by Sun and have to pay huge price, for more info read Java End User License.

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