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Google’s Android TV - Not Just A Set-Top Box But A New Platform For The Smart TV

Many people in the tech community speculated that Google Inc. might unveil a new TV set-top box at its I/O developer conference on Wednesday and that it will be similar to Amazon’s Fire TV or Apple’s Apple TV or Roku. Well, contrary to these reports and rumors, Android TV has not been unveiled and it is not a set-top box but a software system which will be using Android “L” as a base. This time around, it seems that Google’s main area of focus is to become an entertainment hub. Android TV platform will run on smart TVs, set-top boxes, video game consoles and other devices.

Android TV 2

The system will allow users to speak directly to their TVs. Users will be able to control movies, on-demand TV shows, YouTube clips through their mobile phones and tablets. Various gaming capabilities of Android TV will enable users to enjoy playing games on the big screen. In addition to video game controllers, the games can also be controlled by tablets and smartphones. According to Google, with gaming controller the players can have lots of fun while playing on Android TV.

Androd TV 1

Android TV will have Chromecast support as well to let users stream all kinds of media from mobile devices or laptops on their TV. With access to Google Play, you can download many apps like You tube, Pandora, Play Movies, Hangouts and many more. Google Search functionality is also present in Android TV to allow users to search any information easily via text or voice.

Androd TV 3

This is not Google’s first attempt in this field. Earlier in October 2010, Google had introduced Google TV platform which was co-developed by Logitech, Intel and Sony and official devices were initially produced by Logitech and Sony. But, it failed to acquire traction. Then in June 2012, Nexus Q - a media streaming entertainment device was produced. However, Nexus Q had few features that lived up to the price it was offered at and so it never made to mass production. Nexus Q was one of the top 10 “fails” of 2012 according to CNN.

According to Google, the Android TV platform will run on Smart TV’s from Sony (4K televisions), TP Vision, Sharp and also with set-top boxes like Asus and Razor.

Source: Google blog | Image Credits: TechCrunch | HotHardware
How it will be ported to smart TV 's?
I want to know whether it will be installed on future smart TV or it should be installed separately?
It will be installed in future smart TVs. Separate installation is not required.
It will be installed in future smart TVs.There will be no separate installation.
Sharvari Panchbhai
Android TV platform will run on smart TVs, set-top boxes, video game consoles and other devices.
Now this is why I consider Google to be a good company because instead of limiting it to one device it decided to make a software that works on all other devices giving it more audience.

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