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Google Launches "Samsung Nexus S" Today With AT&T Network

Question asked by Farjand in #Gadgets on Jul 24, 2011
Farjand · Jul 24, 2011
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Samsung Nexus S-The flagship of Google, is all set for a huge launch today. The phone will come with an AT&T network and a contract to be signed along with it. The cell phone is sure to hit market and show positive sales figures soon, this is also because it is being launched directly by internet giant, Google.

Samsung Nexus S

The selling point of the new cell phone seems to be its feature of directly upgrading its software from Google. It will not have to depend on any carrier to test a particular and then make it available for customers. The upgrading feature is also going to be less time consuming than the others. However the question which arises is, "Is it that only "Nexus S" which will have an advanced download features?" The answer seems to be "NO". Although the direct down load feature will be a benchmark in this aspect, other phones can use LG's software upgrader and download any software from the traditional route i.e.; via windows PC to be later installed on your phone.

Nexus S features an AMOLED display screen and supports G talks and videos. The new cell phone is also equipped with an NFC chip too. The near field communications chip works hand in hand with Google's wallet service. Google's wallet service is popular for turning one's Smartphone to a payment source. There is wide possibility of the new Nexus S being a wallet capable handset.

This very feature seems to be a unique point for Nexus S. As far as the market is concerned, not other phone is has an NFC integrated in it. The new Nexus can turn out to be a market leader in this case. However it does not have a dual core processor as offered by many of the smart phones in market today. Nexus S seems to be coupled with the same T-Mobile network that we saw in December last year. This mobile is only 3G enabled.

But apart from this disadvantage, the plus point lies in AT&T's bid to launch the service for only $99. So this means that if you want a new phone right now, you can easily get it by paying that much amount and signing a two year contract. This would make it easy for consumers to buy.  However once we get Nexus in market, we will have a clear idea as to how it manipulates market.

Source: REUTERS Posted in: #Gadgets

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