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Google Business Photos Now In India - Take 360° Snaps For Free!

Question asked by Adarsh. in #Startups & Business on May 23, 2012
Adarsh. · May 23, 2012
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Earlier this month Google had launched a pilot programme called Business Photos in Ireland, Canada and Netherlands to help retailers post 360 degree photos of their stores, shops, brands or businesses on the web through Google Maps and Places, in order to attract new customers by providing them an interactive visual discovery of the setting they are to visit. On Wednesday the internet giant introduced this service in India by offering retailers in Hyderabad to get clicked by Google sponsored photographers, totally free of cost for the initial launch period and later at a fair market value.


This gives businesses, retail stores, restaurants and other similar ventures an exciting platform to exhibit their interiors, also with videos if intended. Business Photos was launched late last year in select cities across United States, France, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia. The company plans to expand these services to other select cities in India soon. If this service is available in your city, you can register here for Google’s Business Photos.

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