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Google+ aka 'Google Plus': Google's Social Attack On Facebook

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by tutobynet.com, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Like what you said, we are looking forward with fingers crossed ... 
    As an on-line tutor in maths, I use social network extensively.
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  3. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Google+ is not just a new product from Google, it's actually an extension of Google, say Google+ designers. We covered Google's secret social networking product earlier. Google couldn't handle Facebook's dominance in social networking and since last year, they were working on their own social product, called 'Google+' which got revealed just few hours ago. Let us introduce you to the Google+ aka 'Google Plus' project that is so important to the search engine company.

    First, let us understand why social presence matters to Google, which is at core, a search engine company. A search engine can benefit only when it offers information what people are looking for. A search engine can offer very personalized results only when it knows a whole bunch of information about the user. The only way, Google could do it by collecting personal information from users, without actually making them feel that they are giving out lot of their personal information. Social network is a place where people reveal a lot about their likes, dislikes, profession, relationships, products they like, wishlists and a lot more. Once a search company has access to all this information, it can easily personalize the search results and offer 1. Relevant information from the web 2. Products and services a user might want to buy. Both these offerings are ultimately aimed to benefit the search company. No matter how hard Google tried in past to make a bang in the social networking domain, they failed. Google Buzz and Google Wave were dead before people actually began to learn how to use them. Google's Gmail, search, maps and Android products have been successful to some extent but that doesn't solve Google's main aim - get greater access to user's personal information. Google had to solve this problem. Google+ is their answer and it's done wonderfully.

    Google Plus Vs Facebook: The Social War Gets Official
    <h2>Google +Circles</h2>
    Google looks at your social network in the form of circles. A circle of your family members, another for school friends, one more college friends and so on. Google now facilitates sharing of information among these circles while ensuring privacy. The things that you share with your college friends might not be the exact things you'd like to share with your family and colleagues. Google lets you create different circles and makes it easier to share content among the members of that circle. Watch this video demo -

    Google sparks is a new way to engage in conversation with people on the Internet. All you have to do is add the topics of your interest and Google will search the Internet and deliver a stream of content directly related to the topics of your interest. What's more interesting is that the content will be delivered in over 40 languages. Yet another video demo -

    Google hangouts is your online gathering with video and audio. You can enjoy a group conference with up to 10 people from your circles. The multi-person video is surely fun and a great way to share thoughts and ideas online.

    We don't have much information about +mobile service, but it seems to promise easy sharing of content via mobile devices. We're guessing it'll rely hugely on Android's capabilities to include GPS data, video and messaging systems. The +location service will enable you to instantly add location related parameters and information to every piece of content that you share. The +Instant Uploads service does something very innovative - it eliminates the hassle of moving photos from mobile to desktop and then to the web. The Instant Uploads service will automatically upload all your photos clicked from Android device to the Google plus service and store them in a private folder.

    Huddle is, in simple words, a group messaging service which lets everyone in your circle know what's going on, and it's instant.

    Our Opinion: Social networking is mostly about sharing of content, ideas and thoughts with people. As we said earlier, this is Google's official war against Facebook which controls major social data. We like that Google has not copied features from Facebook, but has taken the pains to think social right from scratch. However, there is a big risk Google is taking by calling this new service as an extension of the company. However, Google products have been known to fail over a period of time. Whether people will leave Facebook for Google+, we don't know. We'd however love to hear your opinion on it.

    Via: Google Blog
    #3 Kaustubh Katdare, Jun 29, 2011
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  4. Nice! It has some new features! Let's see whether it gonna compete with Facebook and Twitter!
  5. well, hundreds of thousands will try to use this. then , having to manage google+ and facebook, soon users will feel like its a chore. people now realize about facebook groups and pages. yeah, google+ will feel like a chore
  6. It's in news that China; just a day after its limited release ; has already blocked Google + highlighting once again the country's strict censorship practices.
  7. hey this is grt & i like it..................
    wasim memon
  8. google plus is great..facebook already lost 2.3 million ppl ,it will be increased..i think so...http://studentsidea.blogspot.com
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