10 Feb 2009

G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering Presents - Technorion '09


CE has associated with Technorion '09 organized by G.H.Raisoni College of engineering 😀

Official Website: GHRCE > Technorion > 2009

About Technorion:

Technorion is a national event organized by G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering (Nagpur, India). The event will have participation from various colleges from India.

More updates as soon as I here from the media department of Technorion


Branch Unspecified
10 years ago
As a CEian what can one do in/for this event?
10 years ago
Not much, right now I guess. But you can definitely help us associate with more engineering colleges (starting with your alma mater) around the world 😀

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