13 Aug 2008

Get ready for USB 3.0!

I came across this post on Intel - Technology@Intel · USB 3.0 for the masses - Dispelling the myths.

Looks like the world has enough of USB 2.0 [the one that's in your pocket right now] and we are moving to USB 3.0. ;-)

Don't worry, commercial products with USB 3.0 capability are not expected to be released until late 2009.

According to First USB 3.0 Demo Possibly at IDF Next Week - Tom's Hardware

"When maxed out Maxed Out - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia USB 3.0, will offer ten times the bandwidth of USB 2.0 - 4.8 Gb/s, which translates into a massive bandwidth of 600 MB/s."

What do you say, friends? 😀

Sneak Peak:-
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

14 Aug 2008
Good to know that 😉

I think I'm quite content with USB 2.0, haha. I suppose in the general public, those who always share large files *cough*piratedmoviesandsoftware*cough* will benefit the most 😛

Though, this I wonder: why isnt there collaboration with standardization bodies (like IEEE) and industrial giants? Take a look at Firewire for example. For sure costs of implementing Firewire would have decreased if everyone got involved with only one standard.

Not many of us have enjoyed the benefits of Firewire because of most of the industry chose USB instead. I'm pretty sure many engineers would have appreciated to have easy access to a more superior standard to connect their electronic instrumentation and measuring devices to the computer 😉

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