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From the common 15.6 to the handy 11 inch size, what differs in productivity for a Laptop?

Question asked by Anoop Mathew in #Coffee Room on Dec 8, 2015
Anoop Mathew
Anoop Mathew 路 Dec 8, 2015
Rank A3 - PRO
This question has kept hitting my mind on and off ever since laptops came into my life. Today, as I've successfully ventured back and forth through 3 laptops [Dell (15.6 inch)-> Sony Vaio (14inch, RIP) -> Dell(15.6 again!)], let me jot down the observations I've seen with reference to screen sizes of Laptops, Tablets, & now the new Laptabs 😨

15.6 Inch:
1. Conventionally used by everyone due to its full size keyboard with a number pad (unlike the 14 inch versions).
2. Screen size is great if you want work done faster.


1. Not at all handy.
2. Feels like a slab held in your hand.

14 Inch:
1. Makes sense to a daily user.
2. Screen size is apt for most of the mundane tasks, but can get clustered if you want to work on spreadsheets or design something.

1. First con I found NOW (while hunting for a new laptop over the past 2 weeks) is that now-a-days 14 inch laptops (checked on a nominally high budget of Rs 45K - Rs50K INR) don't come with a dedicated graphics card (such as Nvidia or ATI Radeon) option. - but why???????????????????????????????????????????????? [My Vaio used to have one - too bad they shut down production!]
2. People don't prefer 14 inch laptops was the answer that I got from salespeople.

Other Observations:-
1. Laptops don't seem to have gotten more robust, but they've definitely gotten stronger (at-least as per reviews and observation) than some Sony Vaio models and Toshiba models with hinge issues just 2 to 3 years ago.

2. Color options and variety of materials used to add texture to the lid or more grip to the body is a welcome gesture. But I feel that customization of laptops still was much more fun and lively with Sony Vaio.

Now to Conclude with a Question:
Inspite of all these, people still prefer 15.6 inch (I'm talking about the Mango people here, and not the Apple lovers). Why? What do you think it will take for people to change the trend of 15.6 being a standard to preferring a 14 inch as a standard.

As a user of both 15.6 and 14 inch variants, and brief user of 13.3 inch variant, I'd still prefer a 14 inch laptop over to any other size.

What does CEans have to say about this? Do add about your observations with 2 in 1 PCs (Tablet + PC) if you have any!

Do hit the polls as well! Posted in: #Coffee Room
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare 路 Dec 8, 2015
Rank A1 - PRO
I've thought about this so many times that I exactly know what I want. For my needs - a 13.3" or 13" laptop is the one that fits the bill. Above everything else, I want the battery life to be excellent; because that's what you'd expect from your machine. The laptop must last for 6+ hours.

It's 13" or so for me - portability + usefulness.
Anoop Mathew
Anoop Mathew 路 Dec 9, 2015
Rank A3 - PRO
Abhishek Rawal
I did found many laptop with 14 inch screen with dedicated graphics card.
Example : Lenovo U41-70 80JV007GIN Core i5 - (4 GB DDR3/1 TB HDD/Windows 8.1/2 GB Graphics) Notebook Rs.51490 Price in India - Buy Lenovo U41-70 80JV007GIN Core i5 - (4 GB DDR3/1 TB HDD/Windows 8.1/2 GB Graphics) Notebook SIlver Online - Lenovo : Flipkart.com
RAM is limited I guess. Checked with mainly Dell and HP as they are more preferred now I feel.
[Prototype] 路 Dec 13, 2015
Rank B1 - LEADER
Since the time I stopped gaming, my old Dell laptop was more of a nuisance. That thing was heavy and very low battery backup. All I was using it was for watching movies, surfing and doing some EDA stuffs. Sadly one day it bricked and I decided to ditch the main stream and go for something with back up and lighter. Ended up with the brand I hated most, the "overpricer", Apple. But I just love the simplicity and performance. And I did get hell of a spec if you ask. It did put a dent on my pocket but somehow felt worth it. And 13.3" seems to be much comfortable. Frankly I don't feel a difference.

But definitely, if you're into some serious graphic editing and design stuff, you would need a bigger monitor. Much more than any laptop can offer.

IMHO, 11 seems to be rather too small. You're better with a tablet than carrying this size laptop.

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