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drakoumel • Mar 15, 2012

Final Year Project Computer Science (already have a few)

Hello there , I am a 2nd year university student studying computer science , I have an industrial placement for next year but we kinda have to write an unofficial specification report about our final year project.
I have had some ideas...
- Online game , embeded chat ( not viable in the end , lua doesnt support that kind of connections)
- Book Scanning (inspired by ) but I only have access to a 30 fps camera , I was actually interested in only a text representation but dont know if then thats too easy..
- NFC communication ( no access to NFC? )
- IP spoofing.. no idea about how networks work
- Robot Control , go from one point to another avoiding obstacles etc ( no idea what I am gonna need.. camera? gps ? only know basic AI with LISP.
- Wireless Password cracking? ( just came up while writing ).

I dont know I have seen most of the lists but its like I dont know some stuff the other are too boring other not interested in etc..

I dislike anything with a Database/website

any help would be much appreciated thank you

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