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sarakhursheed • Jan 25, 2006

Final Year Project: Autonomous Robot

I am in final year of electronic enGG.
I wanted some suggestions regarding my FYP. Being Electronic Students I want a project that involves most of the related fields like communication, automation and Robotics. There's another reason for doing that, my group memebres are very much inclined towards communication systems whereas I so want to do a project in Robotics and automation.
I do have a plot in mind.....
But I needed to get my Ideas shaped up.

An autonomous robot capable of making some lower level decisions itself and if encounters a stituation that it cannot handle by itself, sends an interrupt wirelessly to a computer and then instructions can further be transmitted.
And it can perform some biomedical tasks like can be used in some sort of laser surgery or works as an assistant to a surgeon and hands over surgical instruments ....tasks that need accuracy.
If u think that we should go for it then which sort of communication should I use....Infra red, bluetooth or some other type.
Microcontroller based or PLC/LOGO!?
Or should I just work on a mobile ROBOT capable of self navigation???(as suggested by a teacher at university, because he thinks that what we've thought of is way too legnthy n 'll be a baffling task)
pradypop • Jan 25, 2006
Hi sarakhursheed,

for a start lets try n clearly define d problem.

1. You would like to build a robot. what type of robot? these are specilized devices. i suppose u r not thinkin bout a human like robot which walks on two legs and obeys your command(in surgeries etc). Tats bit 2 far fetched at this stage.

2. I suggest a buggy which avoids obstacles, runs away from fire, follow lines etc., which would be much more feasible.

3. Any device of this kind would be dealing with many asynchronous events, which needs to be interrupt driven and also might need to process certain parameters(viz, distance to travel or amount to turn) before making decisions.

4. PLC can be considered a programable switch which will give pre-programmed output for pre-programmed inputs. u need controllers for decision making and also to handle random events better.

5. do u want line of sight or non-line of sight communications. IR for LOS(works out cheaper) and radio based communications for non-LOS are adviced. You need not go for wireless lan-802.11(bluetooth) in its entirity, simpler radio will work out cheaper.

6. factors that may help you to decide on size of project is decided based on,
a. size of your team.
b. duration of your project.
c. your previous experience in similar domains.
d. cost considerations
e. weather delayed/incomplete/partial submission wud b acceptable.

may be you can get a start point for your project from the above made observations.
tusharsikand • Aug 2, 2006
Your teacher is probably right. I made a scaled down autonmous guided vehicle(AGV) for my major project this year. We also started of with having several applications. In fact, we fabricated a compass-optical encoder for direction sensing which we found to bulky and inconvenient and the got to know about philips KMZ series sensors. If we knew before about them, we could have saved a lot of trouble. For obstuction detection, we used IR leds along with TSOP 1738 sensors which detects PWM IR at 38 kHz. This is more reliable than normal IR as it eliminates ambient IR. This kind of sensor is often used in PCM applications like remote control sensor. The microcontroller used was an AVR family 89c51 with inbuilt 10 digit 8 channel AD converter and two channels for PWM. Motors were controlled with an H-bridge.

All in all, it was too heavy a project and we just managed to make one that could detect non-tranparent obstacles. Its actually better to start off with a simpler robot as your first. Till the time you start making your second, you are aware of component availability and your mistakes. Also, read the datasheets of the components you use. You can work with them better then.
sumera • Feb 4, 2009
Sarah i need the detailz of your project can u help me out in this i m an electronics Final year student i will be highly obliged if u help me Thanxs
priyank_180 • Feb 4, 2009
if u want a good project... the just talk with our project guru .... CE aka god father
enzeen • Feb 5, 2009
hey priya can u suggest me some gud topics for semnar

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