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Facebook rolls out update for group payments on Messenger

Going two years back, Facebook was quick responding to the newly popular mode of digital payment by adding peer-to-peer money sharing feature to its messaging app. Since then, Messenger users can send or receive money using only the app, but such transactions have been possible only between two individuals i.e. one-on-one basis. Not anymore!


Starting today, Messenger has extended its payment feature to incorporate money transfer between a group of people. This makes splitting bills much more convenient. Whether it’s a pizza party, a group outing or a bar bill, you can trust your old and reliable messenger app to do the job for you. But, only android and desktop users get to taste this new feature.

It’s simple and secure. Firstly, you have to create a group or if the sharing has to be done in an existing group, that works as well. Tap the new plus sign in the bottom left corner of a group conversation, and choose the payment icon ($) from the drop-down menu. After that, you get the freedom to forward a payment request to all of the members or just a few guys who didn’t pay. One can even specify the reason in the request itself, which simply bypasses some awkward questions. Surely helpful.

Group members are notified via group message whenever there is a payment made. To make the process simpler and intuitive, your debit/credit card passwords will remain safe with Messenger giving you the ability to do the payments with a single tap. And for that, you don’t even have to pay anything - the service is totally free.

Sadly, Messenger group payment is available only in the US for now. In India, Truecaller has already launched the update for digital payment as a result of a tie-in with ICICI bank. Whatsapp is also planning to do the same in next few months and we hope to see Messenger as well in this race for the user base.

Source: FB Newsroom

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