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Facebook Music – Let’s Have An Early Bite

Question asked by prabakaran in #Coffee Room on Sep 10, 2011
prabakaran · Sep 10, 2011
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Everyone must get excited about Facebook Music service as the Facebook planned to team up with more online music service providers along with already exposed Rdio, MOG, and Spotify to give a better music experience. For now two key features of Facebook Music service got leaked and they both seem to have the power to fight against iTunes.

[​IMG]The main feature that will make an impact will be “scrobbling”, a term which is popularized by last.fm. This feature will send a song that was hearing by an-user in any Facebook partnered service to that user profile. This feature is almost like the Facebook feeds currently available for text, images, videos and links.

The second feature which is “track unification” is also way too glamorous to hear about. Track unification will let the users to share the music they were hearing regardless of the music service providers like Spotify, Rdio or any other they were signed up with. Although the users cannot hear their friend’s full track shared in Facebook using different streaming service, but they can have a preview of it. This will surely let the Facebook users to enjoy an entertaining social network service.

Also, it is still unclear that, where the Facebook team is going to place the music player. It is also expected that the music service will not get interfered and the user can hear the music continuosly "no matter if a user browses through page to page", as long as the user stays in the Facebook.

Source : TechCrunch Posted in: #Coffee Room

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