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Electriod 2k12 @ Agni College of Technology, Chennai,Tamil Nadu on 27-28 Sept'12

Question asked by graphite in #Coffee Room on Sep 12, 2012
graphite ยท Sep 12, 2012
Rank C3 - EXPERT
The students of Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Agni College of Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu has organized a Two Day National Level Technical Fest "Electriod 2k12" on 27th & 28th September 2012. During these two day fest technical events, non-technical events and workshops are going to be conducted.
Technical Events:
1) Paper presentation 2) Project exhibition
3) Circuit debugging 4) Tech Quiz
5) Innovate 6) Robo Race
7) Chalk and Talk 8) how stuff works
1) PLC: As for now we are entering the world of automation, plc helps to make automation easier and intelligent.The workshop is conducted in two sessions by officials from Technocrat Automation, Chennai.
2) Robotics:This workshop will cover basic concepts of robotics and will teach students to build a electronic and mechanical robot. The workshop is conducted by trainee officials from ElectroClub, Chennai.

Last date for paper and project submission is 20th Sept and for workshop registration is 24th Sept.

If any of our CEans attending this event please share the updates with us. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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