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thegerman • Mar 5, 2008

Electric generator issue (7,5 KW)

Hello out there
I need the help of an electric CE for an crazy selfmade electric genarator. The motor is a 2 zyl. 12 HP diesel engine and the genarator is brazilian with 7,5 KW capacity. Everything works fine, I can handle home lights, TV's and all smaller stuff and it works with the 60 Hz. When it comes to connect my fridge or a aircondition the voltage falls to almost 0 but the capacity should be enough to handle those things. I changed the brushes from the original carbon ones to carbon-copper and it got a little better but still doesn't generate what it should.
Do anyone out there have an idea what's the issue that drives me crazy?
Thanks from Ecuador
maheshkrishnan • Mar 6, 2008
Hay for Refrigrator and for A/C they will take intial pulll of current, so dripping will cause.
Try to stabilize that first
buddy,u need some kinda pull-up device which will generate enough energy to cater to your AC or refigerator.As loading occurs when you switch your AC or refigerator!!
phoneworks • Mar 14, 2008
You need a automatic voltage regulator. Sometimes if you carry a heavy load with some generators, their voltage and frequency tend to change. Hence you need something that can regulate/keep the voltage and the frequency to normal

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