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Double click error in Win XP folder/drive

Question asked by mastermind303 in #Coffee Room on Jul 1, 2007
mastermind303 · Jul 1, 2007
Recently my PC started giving a weird kind of error because of some registry change.
Whenever I double clicked on a Drive /folder , instead of the folder opening, a search window would prop up. The default command in the right click menu for these items was changed. I tried to fix the problem form the tools option in the browser, but the default wouldn't change.
Then I resorted to a bit of googling. Initially I found a solutions or two in which the appropriate changes to the registry were stated. I tries those even that didn't help(the instructions weren't simple to follow). Then finally I came across this VBscript file :

Unzipping it, saving it on my PC and running it solved the problem!!!(that script was written by an MSVP).

If you are facing a similar error , try it out.

Disclaimer : The file causes registry changes. Any users running it on their PCs should do it on
their own risk.

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mahul · Nov 15, 2007
Rank C1 - EXPERT
an easier option is to restore ur machine.........i tried it and it works excellent
EGYSHIMO · Jan 28, 2008
Rank D3 - MASTER
i faced this problem and didn't find a solution for it.. so i changed my version
MaRo · Jan 28, 2008
Rank B2 - LEADER
90% of Windows problems don't need reinstalling.

Thank you.
TheBugInYou · Feb 5, 2008
Rank D1 - MASTER
excuse me guyz......

just down load the below link and run it......

No need to re-instal OS when ever you are under a silly attack.

Here's what you are facing...

AutoPlay (PerloVGA Virus) which attaches an autoplay option for all drives. Usually spreads through Pendrives. Dont Worry I will give you all the tools you require to make your computer safe.

Click Here to Download (Just 28 KB)

Ask me for any other doubts

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