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Dot Net Project Topics/Ideas for Final Year Students

Question asked by Ankita Katdare in #Coffee Room on Jan 28, 2011
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Jan 28, 2011
Rank A1 - PRO
Domain: Data Mining

  • Heterogeneous Transfer Learning with Real-World Applications
  • Towards an Effective XML Keyword Search
  • Extracting Content Approach for Web Pages Based on Visual Representation
  • Effective Personalized Privacy Preservation
  • Sorting Frequent Items in Data Streams by Continuous Queries
  • Mining Association Rules between Sets of Items in Large Databases
  • A Roughest Approach for classifying Cancers
  • Efficient Ranking For Clustering Uncertain Data
  • Resource Management For Effective Sub-ontology
  • Grouping and Chronological Model Mining of Web Learning Process
  • Method and System for Dynamically Controlling Overtime in Electronic Events
  • Spamine Algorithm For Similarity-Profiled Temporal Association Mining
Domain: Networking

  • Dynamic traffic grooming: the changing Role in WDM Network
  • Resource Overbooking : Using Aggregation Profiling in large scale Resource Discovery
  • Network Capacity Adaptation in Service Overlay Network
  • Googling through internet endpoints via world wide web
  • Delay Analysis in Wireless Network with Single Hop
  • Disjoint Multipath Routing to two Distinct Drains in a Multi-drain Network.
  • Widely variable traffic routing
Domain: Parallel and Distribution Systems

  • On Heterogeneous Overlay Construction and Random Node Selection in Unstructured p2p Networks
  • On the Effectiveness of Continuous- Time Mixes under Flow Correlation Attacks.
  • Improving User and Isp Experience through File Sharing Protocol
  • Giving undo Attention in Distributed system on P2P Network
  • Distributed dynamic routing algorithm
  • Multimessage Dissemination problems in Multicasting Network
Domain: Software Engineering

  • Automated Test Generation from a Behavioral Model
  • Reliability and Testing time Allocation for safety Assessment Methodology
  • Efficient Service Discovery Design Using UML
  • Source Distribution for Application Delivery plan
  • Mechanism for the Effective Software Development Globalization
  • Misuse Cases in Systems Engineering
Domain: Mobile Computing

  • Key-management scheme for distributed sensor networks
  • Performance in Wireless Network For Information Flow
  • Peer–Peer Checkpoint Arrangement in Mobile Grid Computing
  • Message Authentication for Constrained Environments.
  • N-path Accumulation Assessment in Wireless Sensor Network by using Distributed Algorithm
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Rupam Das
Rupam Das · Sep 2, 2011
Rank B2 - LEADER
Here goes some more Interesting topics on .Net

Application Oriented Research based Projects

1. Music Fingerprinting
2. Voice Mining
3. Data Mining for Web Intelligence
4. A Novel Log*based Relevance Feedback Technique in Content*based Image Retrieval
5. A grid computing framework for complex number processing
6. Optical Character recognition for cursive handwriting
7. DOM based web page segmentation for web mining and small screen browsing
8. Integration of Mobile agents with web services
9. Data Mining Technique for detecting Terror related activities on the net
10. RSS-Feed aggregator based soap video toolbox
11. Video Conferencing system using TAPI3 and H.323 standards
12. A web service based technique for ECG processing and Arrhythmia detection
13. Air traffic control using ART-MAP based scheduling technique
14. A Fast technique for animated TV logo detection
15. LOGO appearance detection and recognition in sport video
16. CMM-Concept map mining for easy mining of technical concepts
17. Design of best system for Credit card Risk analysis
18. A data Minng technique to determine the factors affecting the results of the students
19. Predictive data mining for web based E-Commerce store
20. A Data Mining technique to analyze the risk in giving loan
21. A Distributed system to scaling up GNOME similarity search
22. Key stroke mining for system activity tracking
23. A Multicore processor programming environment development with simulation test-bed
24. Automating internet browsing using Intelligent web-Robots
25. Elliptive Curve-Deffie Hellmon Cryptography
26. Secured Pocket store for Pocket PC using Windows SE cryptographic solution
27. A GPS track-Waypoint based dynamic steganography for data security
28. Hopfield model of neural network for pattern recognition( HNN- a new neural network technique)
29. Executing multiple state machines simultaneously using Parallel State-Pro
30. Optimizing screen area of Small screen using artificial mouse gesture recognition
31. Screen area optimization of Project Hoshimi using multidiamensinal distance optimization
32. BINCODE- a new standard for alternative barcode
33. Searchable PDF file compression
34. Low cost software based Lie Detector development
35. Integrating Transportation problem in multisite scheduling algorithm
36. Kannada Character recognition using Curvelet Transformation
37. Palm Print recognition with PCA and ICA
38. A Viterbi decoder design for 2-stage DS-CDMA system
39. Automated Sound Synthesis using Genetic Algorithm
40. Analysis of Human Face kinematics during a speech process
41. Offline Signature Verification using GABOR Transform
42. Offline signature verification for Skilled forgery detection using Hidden Markov Model
43. Entropy based data aggregation for wireless sensor network
44. IRIS recognition using modified log GABOR filters
45. A grid computing system based on workflow management for medical image processing
46. Detecting age of a person based on the handwriting analysis
47. EARQ-Energy aware sensor routing technique for industrial sensor network
48. ICA-based leave segmentation and classification
49. Analysis of algorithms for CPU performance and Big-O complexity
50. A curvature based corner detection technique
51. Real time face detection based on Haar features
52. Sign language detection based on HMM features and decision tree classifier
53. Breast Cancer detection by using Mammographic image segmentation
54. Cervical Cancer detection using PAP-Smear analysis
55. Endoscopic image analysis
56. Density based road traffic analysis and traffic control algorithm
57. A process migration technique for remote execution of processes for CPU load balancing
58. Mobile based security to computer files and folders using MD5 and Bluetooth
59. Speed of the vehicle detection using motion analysis and motion detection technique
60. Classification of plants as Fruit bearing and Non fruit bearing plants using segmentation techniques
61. Number plate recognition
62. A Neural Network based mouse gesture recognition technique for handicapped persons
63. Content Classification for Content distribution network
64. GA based routing for call forwarding in Telephony network using Travelling salesman’s problem
65. Color tree simulation using SimCT algorithm for disjoint multipath routing
66. Web mining using partial tree alignment
67. Device control using lasser gesture recognition
68. Complete wireless robotic control using FM technique
69. Food segmentation technique analysis by using different segmentation method
70. Software cost estimation techniques using RISK analysis
71. LIN-Q based desktop search engine management
72. Search engine management with clustering, indexing pay-par-click and customization
73. CBIR framework for Image Mining using a) Query By Text b) Query by Shape c) Query by color d) Query by irregular shape e) Query by texture
74. Computational and contextual analysis of sensor network
75. A private Key Cryptography using Templates from IRIS Biometric
76. Wireless MODEM configuration wizard for UBUNTU operating system
77. Artificial Intelligence Based robot for plant watering
78. Artificial Intelligence based Music player to play music Based on the Mood of the person.
79. Facial Expression recognition
80. Efficient Graph based Image Segmentation
81. Facial Expression recognition using Baysian Technique
83. A Robust Approach for Recognition of Text Embedded in Natural Scenes
85. Gender Recognition from Body
86. Skilled forgery detection in signature using HMM
87. Satellite image segmentation and Classification
88. Driver drowsiness detection using eye tracking algorithm
89. Vision based web page segmentation
90. Regression-Based Online Situation Recognition for Vehicular Traffic Scenarios
92. Continuous Graph Cuts for Prior-Based Object Segmentation
93. Invariant Texture Segmentation Via Circular Gabor Filters
94. An intelligent music player which plays Music according to mood of users
95.A unique Search Engine to Search Relevant Images in PDF Files

I have Listed Few of the possible area of work. Let me know if you like the ideas so that I can post more

stuthi · Aug 29, 2012
can u plz suggest project topic related to network security and cryptography?

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