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Prernamathur • Feb 27, 2010

Do we really need BE/BTECH to do ME/MTECH and why ?

Hello guys and gals,

Is there any option for a person from non-engineering background to do either ME or MTECH ? If someone thinks we need then why ? Lets have a discussion rather than debate on this topic. I have seen few scores of people who are really interested in doing ME/MTECH. Hope this information will be much helpful for such people.

Start posting your replies or views now.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 27, 2010
ME & M.Tech require a candidate to posses specific technical skill set which is developed in four year course for ME, M.Tech.

Could you give us a practical example about how a person from non-Engineering background can go for Masters degree in engineering?
Prernamathur • Mar 1, 2010
The word non engineering here refers to a BSc (Computer Science) graduate. Sorry for the ambiguity. If a BSc graduate can work on par with the engineering guys as a software engineer why he or she cant do ME or Mtech is my question. Unlike olden days, we have numerous options available at Intermediate(also called as PUC or +2 level) Its quite demotivating to see that no university accepts the application from a BSc graduate for doing ME or MTECH course.

Earlier, there was no option for commerce student to enter the science path. But today we can see a person who choses commerce with maths in +2 can become a bachelor of science(BSc in computers). If this can happen, then why cant a person with Bsc degree can pursue ME or MTECH ?

According to me, a person's ability to pursue further studies should be based on majorly the skillset the person carries. Skillset can be acquired through various ways. A commerce graduate working as a server support may possess much technical knowledge compared to an engineering graduate working for the same role. I have come across one such person so I quoted that example here. There are people who are working as software engineers and have good programming skills just like their engineering colleagues.
Prernamathur • Mar 1, 2010
The word "Non Engineering" here refers to a BSc graduate. I apologise for the ambiguity.
Unlike olden days, there are numerous options available today after passing 10th standard like, MPC(Maths Physics,Chemistry), MBiPC(Maths Biology, Physics and Chemisty), MEC(Maths Economics and commerce) on. An MPC and MEC student have option to pursue BSc (Computers). If this is possible, then why cant a person with BSc Computers can pursue ME or MTECH ?
I have worked with few people who are just a BSc graduates but are really very good technically. They have skillset equivalent to an engineering graduate.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Mar 1, 2010
I believe as long as you are good in mathematics and some sorta physical science, you can still enroll in ME/Tech courses. Besides (I think.. others please chip in), most coursework based engineering Masters is a consolidated rehash of what you'd learn in the bachelor level in a much specialized form and shorter time frame. If you can keep up with the content, then not much of an issue.
Prernamathur • Mar 9, 2010
Hi Ash,

Can you suggest any such institutes which accept such students for their admissions into MS or MTECH or ME ?

This might be helpful for those who want to pursue in the technical discipline

In my view qualification required are qualifications required!

Since, recently I had a chat with one of our senior leader here, there was a program which is for people with Experience of more than 4 years ,so I asked why?

The simple answer is to eliminate candidates. The qualifications are for people to eliminate the candidates in the first go itself!
They cant check each and every individual to test him or interview him whether he is eligible or not!

However, if we have the interest to learn then we can learn!
Prernamathur • Mar 9, 2010
I completely disagree with your thoughts.....I apologise if I am too straight forward. For me there cant be any question which is left unanswered or the answers which are ambiguous. I have heard of few foreign institutes(if im not wrong) which offer such technical courses for people who are not from solid engineering background. They do consider if one has good industry experience. In my friend's case she has 6 years of total work experience in IT field which is quite good enough to have much knowledge to do a master's degree like MS or MTECH.

Any suggestions are invited rather than debating.

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