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Do top certifications have any impact on the candidate during Interview?

Question asked by Mohana Chandra in #Career Help on Jan 3, 2020
Mohana Chandra
Mohana Chandra · Jan 3, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

If the fresher have top certifications like Adobe,Microsoft,Tableau, Edureka ,Zend etc.. Do that help the candidate to demand for high salary? or in what way? What are the other advantages with those  certifications.

Posted in: #Career Help
Jai Patel
Jai Patel · Jan 4, 2020
Rank C3 - EXPERT

Yes, before still in our country interview initiates i.e. your CV gets shortlisted if it grabs attraction of the HR and that's when top certifications have an impact of the candidate before calling for an interview. 

After, being called for an interview top certification would have an impact based on the knowledge you have about them. You need to know unique aspects about those top certification my friend. 

Thus, top certification matters before and during interview for a candidate. 

Kavya Burramolla
Kavya Burramolla · Jan 5, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

In my view top certifications projected in your resume or CV will help you to grab the attention of recruiters. Now we are in a era where for a single vacant position we get application around 100 and may be more depending on the profile of the company and role. In such cases recruiters decides on what basis they want to shortlist the resumes, top certification will help in such cases.

I’d be wrong if I say only certifications can fetch you the job. Certifications can help you to get through initial stages of recruitment like resume screening. But it’s your skills that you present during interview will make it happen. Also please note that when you project the high level certifications recruiters will expect the same level from you. As you have undergone the certification course make sure you are well aware of it before you are facing an interview. This way your certifications courses will definitely help you to crack the interview and can fetch you the job. 

Divisha Madupalli
Divisha Madupalli · Jan 12, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Certifications are valuable but at the same time you must be able to answer any questions raised by the interviewer. You can also write it even if you know how to answer those questions even if you did not have a certificate. Knowledge is the most valuable thing and you are tested on it. Your resume is the question paper for the interviewer. You must be able to tackle all the questions pointed from your resume.

Durgesh Srivastava
Durgesh Srivastava · Jan 17, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Yes, certification gives a valuable impact on candidate during an interview. If you have certification on any course then you have perfect knowledge about that course. Because interviewer definetely ask any question from that certification.

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