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Dilemna regarding MS/M-tech

Question asked by P.tejaswi in #Coffee Room on Jul 31, 2008
P.tejaswi · Jul 31, 2008
HI! i am a new friend to all of u.
i am presently studying 3rd year Btech and i really had a great dilemna as to take up mtech or ms. i want to be in a good position in a softwae company and hence earn more money .
so,considering above things plz suggest me whether to pursue mtech or ms? Posted in: #Coffee Room
amanbit · Jul 31, 2008
If you can really afford 15-20llakhs of money then you can do MS from good inst. of USA but seriously saying doing M.tech from India doesn't really offer much scope as one of my father's client did his B.tech from NIT jamshedpur and M.tech from IIT kanpur but still he earns lesser from those who only did B.tech from IIT.😡
So,in my view if you get top inst. in USA go for it but in my view in coming years there would be great crunch in tech jobs as every year 2 lakhs(b.tech+m.tech) students pass out😔 so, seeing the current trend opt for MBA from ISB,IIMs.
I am myself a student of BIT-mesra and seeing the current trends I have decided to go for 2 years experience and then MBA.
Hope you would agree with me!!:smile:
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jul 31, 2008
Rank A1 - PRO
Hi P.Tejaswi, welcome to CE!

Good to hear that you're concerned about making the right choice of career at the right point of time.

Now, let's first understand what exactly we refer to, when we say 'Good Position' in software company. It could either be -
  • A highly technical position where you do all the kick-ass, hardcore technical job
  • A team lead, manager position
  • An entry level position, in a very good company
First of all, be informed that unless you have some actual work experience (as a paid, full time employee) in the industry - you won't really get the first two of above mentioned list. The third is possible even without going in for MS/M.Tech.

Assuming that you choose MS : - You might get an entry level position (looking at the current trend) in a startup to work on the latest technology.You'll be earning in dollars - and spending in dollars as well. If earning more money (numbers) is on higher priority you should go in for MS.

Assuming that you choose M.Tech:- Most probably, you'll be recruited by an Indian Firm for a lead role and the money will not be more than the industry standard - for the team lead roles.

Having said that, I want you to think about your priorities, your current financial position, your liking & interest for the subjects - and then make a decision.

If you have further questions (you should have! 😀 ), feel free to post them here. We'd love to help you!

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