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babloo0311 • Jan 13, 2009

Difference B/w Finalize and Finally in .Net?

Hi Everyone,

I want the Difference between finalize method and Finally method in .NET and when exactly the garbage collector calls these methods. What does Dispose method does.
rashmi05 • Jan 14, 2009
The Dispose pattern is used to release unmanaged resources in a timely fashion. This allows you to do this in a way that you have control over when they are released. where as Finalize method is also used for the purpose of releasing resources - but in this You have no control over when it will be called by the GC. Further,
implementing a Finalize method can have an adverse affect on the performance of the GC because it takes two passes of the GC to collect objects that override Finalize.
babloo0311 • Jan 14, 2009
thanks friends

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