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Eufouria • Dec 21, 2009

Desk/Computer Fan as generator for Mini-Wind Turbine?

The title pretty much says it all.
I'm not an engineer but have been tinkering (mostly with computers) and various inventions my whole life.

I wanted to build a mini wind-turbine to hang off my fire escape in New York City.

I eventually intend to power a fiber optic light show with the system but I'm trying to get the turbine down first.

I see no reason why a desk fan couldn't be converted into a generator, the only hurdle I can imagine would have something to do with the fan being either AC or DC.

Any thoughts?
sarveshgupta • Dec 22, 2009
Welcome to CE Eufouria 👍

Nice thought buddy
husi8400 • Dec 23, 2009
ur idea seems to be very interesting dude.... but a fan blade cannot be used as a turbine thats bcoz it is designed for the purpose of blowing air ..whereas turbine blades are aerodynamic in shape unlike a table fan's some research on turbine blade aerodynamics.. and also on well's turbine. i think it might help u with ur concept...goodluck...
saggi1991 • Jan 16, 2010
i request you to ellaborate your idea.
gaurav.bhorkar • Jan 16, 2010
Wow! Thats interesting.

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