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Butler9999 • Feb 28, 2016

Design of turbocharger for 4 stroke S.I. two wheeler engine

I am a final year Btech student working on a project named "Design and Fabrication of turbocharger for 4 stroke S.I. engine for two wheeler vehicle"
I have selected a 100cc HERO HONDA CD-100 engine for my project.Currently i am working on the design calculations that effectively suit the engine i have chosen.

I now require guidance in calculations for:
1) the blade dimensions and size of the radial impulse turbine where exhaust gases exert their impulse
2) the blade orientations of centrifugal fan (coupled to turbine) that can suck atmospheric air and radially disharge at maximum velocities(possibly supersonic) to a diffuser
3) the length and cross section of diffuser to increase the pressure energy that will increase the quantity of air in engine suction stroke.

If anyone can kindly offer advices as to how can i get through this problem, it will be of great help...
I have calculated the velocity of exhaust gases from the engine and found(if my calculations were right) it to be 107.2 cms^-1

For clarity, i have uploaded photos of the turbocharger that i intend to design
fig 1 clearly shows the impulse turbine coupled to the housing (of centrifugal fan).the brown colour exhaust pipe releases the exhaust gases of the engine to the turbine blades
fig 2 clearly shows the housing that has a hole to suck atmospheric air and discharge the air into the diffuser (of decreasing cross section)

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