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Dell XPS 13 with Alpine White color and latest Intel 8th Gen CPUs launched;price starting at $950

A laptop with aesthetics and performance exceeding the MacBook lineup is hardly offered by any major manufacturer. Dell is the only one which has succeeded in making such a device long time back. Known by the name XPS 13, the device has been launched earlier in 2015 and the company has kept updating the line up over the years. Recently it has been launched with the 8th generation CPU of Intel and with 4k ultra HD screen. Prior to CES 2018, the latest version of the laptop will be out in the US on January 4 and soon it will be expected to enter India as well.


Dell XPS 13 in Alpine White Color Variant

The latest model of Dell XPS 13 comes with a 13.3 inch 4k UHD screen with thin bezels. Also known as the 'Infinity Edge Display', the screen offers a clear viewing experience because of its wide viewing angle which offers almost no reflection at all. It has a front-facing camera situated at the bottom side of the screen which keeps pointing towards the nose. This is the only demerit of the device which comes at the cost of such a beautifully built thin bezel screen. The device comes with both touch and non-touch screen with the later one costing a bit less.

The laptop has a really nice aluminum built finish and is available in mainly three color variants - black, silver and alpine white. The device has been built like a tank and reflects the premium quality finish. It roughly weighs around 1.22 Kgs and is supposed to be 30% thinner than its predecessors. In thin ultrabooks, the problem of laptop heating and throttling is evident but Dell XPS 13 manages this because of its low wattage 8th generation Intel CPU's and 'GORE' Thermal Insulation. This type of cooling incorporates the aid of silica aerogels and are mainly used in thermal insulation by engineers in Mars Rover. Together, they keep the device performing when needed even if used for a longer period without reflecting any signs of overheating. However, with such efficient cooling techniques and processors, the device lacks the presence of dedicated graphics processors and can only handle light gaming titles. Because of its two Thunderbolt ports which support 2 PCIe lanes, one can hook an external GPU to compensate the graphical performance. The battery life is way better than previous models and is expected to run till 20 hours on QHD mode.

Intel's core i5 8250u and core i7 8550u are the two processor variants in which the device comes with. It has 16 GB of soldered RAM with up to 1 TB of upgradable SSD storage. Apart from the other features mentioned above, the device comes with a fiber built trackpad with Windows Precision Drivers and a fingerprint sensor on the power button. The sensor allows accessing the Windows easily and also one can unlock the Windows using the onscreen camera using Window Hello services.

Overall, Dell XPS 13 is a lightweight, portable ultrabook with features far superior to the latest 2017 Mackbook lineup. Though it can't be used for gaming, it is a well-built device, especially for students and professionals. The laptop comes with a starting price of $ 950 and includes all the functionality which is not offered elsewhere. However, in India, the price of such premium series costs way more (starting price around Rs 89,000) than its US counterpart making it affordable only for a selected customers.

Source - Dell- YouTube | Dell XPS Series

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