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creating a electric vehicle driven by gas generator

Question asked by first last in #Electrical on May 14, 2021
first last
first last · May 14, 2021

I an willing to pay, I need help designing a hybrid elecrtical vehicle that runs from a gas engine generator. It needs batteries for the surges but....  I want to use four  480 volt motors on each wheel (IWD) independent wheel drives.  Looking like 10hp motors will be fine.  Maybe software to link each wheel and look at demand for each and slow down and spped up each wheel individually...?  software will take the place of a differential?  Have a dash tablet that shows all this with touch screen and allow drive changes on the fly. Like highway... off road... this is already done and nothing new as far as the sofware. Its the generator that no body does.  It is bad Etiquette ....... its not "green" and defeats the purpose..

when in reality electrical driven wheels beats mechanical hands down requardless of Etiquette .

Probably 4 VFDs for each and ethernet communication ?  The problem.... because of the "green" issues in life today nobody does this. Right now it looks like 12 to 15 mile to the gallon is the best i can hope for because the generator doesnt shut off and only speeds up and slows down within its limitations.,.  My prius engine turns on and shuts off constantly...  in reality the prius is bullshit. The battery only works when demand is greater than the engine can produce or when the engine is not needed at slow speed.

Its already been done..... by toyota...  I just need a engine ? generator that can start up , speed up, slow down and shut off and use AGM deep cycle batteries in the same fashion.... but.... i cant find anything where someone does this with off the shelf stuff...

can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Posted in: #Electrical
julian gerona
julian gerona · May 20, 2021

I'm not sure if I understand your purpose, But be aware that you'll have at least 10% power losses on the motors, than if you use the gas engine power directly to drive your wheels.

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