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Raviteja.g • Sep 30, 2008

crack this puzzle if you can(all aeans)

Queen Georgia was very attached to the clock that was gifted to her by her late father, King Eli. It was a precious heirloom that had been passed down from generation to generation. She never allowed anyone to touch that clock and even wound it herself. In fact, no other device for measuring time was permitted in her castle. One day she forgot to wind her clock before going to sleep. When she awoke, the clock had stopped. There was no way to reset it to the correct time. Then she remembered that an aunt of hers, who had a clock, stayed in a mansion several miles away.

The clock couldn`t be moved as it was attached to the wall. So, Queen Georgia thought about it and then sent her messenger to her aunt`s house with some instructions. The messenger ran to the aunt's house at a constant speed, rested there for some time and then came running back at the same speed. When the messenger came back, Queen Georgia reset her clock to the exact time. How did she do it? 😕
shah pooja
shah pooja • Oct 1, 2008
yar this is her personel matter,what v d enginners can do against a queen's dicision...............

it was just 4 jock as i was not getting d clue.well i tried to find out in d next post.
shah pooja
shah pooja • Oct 1, 2008
may be she assumed the time when she was sending the messanger & by den she started counting on behalf of guess.
or may be when he returned back & he might have told d time which was happening at d time he was at her aunt's when he returned back den queen have asked his speed & calculated it by using t=d/v.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 1, 2008
Pooja - it would be very nice if you could post only in English. Also, please avoid SMS text while posting on CE Forums.
nishank_eureka • Oct 1, 2008
Well I think the queen had told to bring the clock of her aunt so that she can see the time and reset her clock.
After reseting she will send her messenger again to her aunt's house to give back the watch and of course with a big thank you message 😎.
gohm • Oct 1, 2008
above is the right answer!

although why didn't see just call on the phone... lol.
nishank_eureka • Oct 2, 2008
The messenger will start counting as soon as he will reach aunt's house at a constant speed. There he rested for sometime so he can calculate that how many numbers he have counted during his stay.As soon as he will leave he will see the time again and will continue counting till he reaches the castle.From his counting he can calculate how much time has elapsed from the time he had left the aunt's house. In this way queen can reset the watch to the exact time.

This is the only possible solution which i can think of. Waiting for the answer.
Hope the answer matches with my solution.
nishank_eureka • Oct 3, 2008
The queen will start her watch as soon as the messenger leaves for aunt's house. Suppose the time taken by the messenger to reach the aunt's house is t hours.Since, he will come back at the same speed so the total time taken by the messenger for the return trip will be 2t + w .. where w is the waiting time in the aunt's house.The messenger will see the time in aunt's house before leaving.Suppose the time in her watch at that time is T hours. So, the time in queen's watch will be T+t when the messenger arrives in castle. Since queen knows t and messenger knows T and w , so she can easily reset her watch at the exact time.😁
Nishank Rajvanshi
anand017 • Oct 7, 2008
nishank your answer, first one seems to be logical...
nishank_eureka • Oct 7, 2008
Both are logical but second one is more mathematical.😎
Raviteja.g • Oct 19, 2008
nishank, you did well :clap:
the answer is
Queen Georgia set her clock to 12:00 when the messenger left for her aunt`s house. When the messenger arrived at her aunt`s house, he noted the exact time and then rested. He left the aunt`s house exactly 2 hours later. He traveled at the same speed in both the directions. This way, when he arrived back, the total elapsed time was 2 hours plus twice the travel time (say t).

So, when the messenger came back, Queen Georgia`s clock read (12:00 + 2:00 + 2t). So, she can immediately calculate the value of "t" by seeing the time of arrival of the messenger. The messenger had noted the exact time in the aunt`s clock (say "T") just before he left for the journey back. It took him "t" time to travel back. So, the correct time when the messenger came back was (T + t). So, Queen Georgia knew the correct time as both of these are known quantities.

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