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Core mechanical companies asking for 7 CPI. I have 6.58. What should I do?

Question asked by Vineet Kashyap in #Mechanical #Career Help #Campus Placements on Sep 21, 2018
Vineet Kashyap
Vineet Kashyap · Sep 21, 2018

I scored above 80% in 10 th and 12th but have only 6.58cpi in college and I'm in 7th sem right now.  What I fear is that core mechanical companies visiting our college are asking above 7cpi. What to do now? 

Posted in: #Mechanical #Career Help #Campus Placements
Vinay Mishra
Vinay Mishra · Jan 12, 2020
Rank B2 - LEADER

Yes, that's the criteria. Almost every core mechanical company is asking for 7 CGPA at least. One thing you do is, get some experience. You can join the core companies later on the basis of experience. As a fresher, they ask for a better academic record. But later they'll ask you about the experience. I mean just join some other related company where your CGPA matches their criteria. After that, you can go to any core company on the basis of your experience.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jan 13, 2020
Rank A1 - PRO

It's been several years since I graduated and we did not have the CGPA system. I'm wondering if there's any way you could gain a better CGPA, and cross the benchmark. If you can, your primary focus should be achieving it and become eligible for campus placements. 

If not, don't lose heart. There are several things you could do -

1. Join a course and be job ready - it could be something related to your domain or of your interest. Several training agencies offer job assistance. 

2. In the initial days, the salary should NOT matter. Lot of fresh graduates make this mistake - that they turn down low salary offers even if the job profile is relevant to the domain. Don't make this mistake. Your focus should primarily be obtaining some real world work experience. 

3. Once equipped with work experience, you can apply to the companies of your choice for the profile that you want. 

4. There are other options as well - like post graduate studies. MS / M.Tech would be good options if you wish to stay in the technical domain. Otherwise, MBA is also a good option. Do refer to an old discussion on CrazyEngineers: The great MBA / MS / M.Tech Dilemma | CrazyEngineers

Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide. We're always here to help. 

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