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Qualia • May 4, 2012

Construction (strength of materials/concrete iPhone App)


The teams of Qualia Systemes and ATHIS present you Construction, an iPhone App dedicated to the calculation of strength of materials and reinforced concrete.


  • Who made it ?
Construction is designed by two French forms : ATHIS, a design office, and Qualia Systemes, specialized in computer engineering. The App is backed by the French Encyclopedia "Techniques de l'Ingenieur", a reference for industrial engineers.
  • Who should use it ?
Construction is useful for any worker involved in the construction field.
  • How it works :
The App allows you to check size of many architectural elements and handle push calculations. It is specifically designed for American and English professionals involved in the construction domain as it includes the imperial units.

The emphasis is put on ergonomics and guidance default (settings, reduction of the amount of clicks, copy for inertia's reports) in order to make it user-friendly. All settings are customizable at will.

Links to articles from the encyclopedia "Techniques de l'Ingenieur" allow you to check the exhaustivity of the formulas used : transparency is at the very heart of the application.

The available modules are the following : beams, columns, retaining, pile/micropile, flat plates, floating slab, foundation, frames, fire, inertia, punching, adherence, concrete pouring, as well as a repository of the unified standards.

Construction "Lite" (free) includes the Beams module, allowing you to try the application's possibilities.

Construction "Full" ($11.99) includes every modules.

Don't hesitate to give me some feedback, we want the App to be the most accurate and useful possible.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 4, 2012
Looks good, I remember we shared a similar app for mechanical engineers.

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