10 Sep 2015

Computer-on-Modules based on Intel E3800 processors for IoT and Industry 4.0

Quote: In this Webinar Intel and MSC will explain how MSC Technologies is closing the gap between low-end and high-end Computer-On-Modules with a number of E3800-based products in the COM Express Type 2, Type 6 and Type 10 form factors and with a family of BayTrail-based Qseven modules. While COM Express Type 2 was made for existing COM Express applications, Type 6 and Type 10 are clearly designed for modern, future-proof applications in IoT data concentrators and industrial systems. In this webinar you will learn more about how Qseven allows very compact and low-power system realizations so that the Q7-BT modules are first choice for IoT data entry systems with local computing functionality, and for general Industry 4.0 and other applications. Endquote

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