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Vila • Jul 18, 2008

Components inside encoder, interleaver,modulator and spreader

Hello everybody,

Hiii....can anyone explain or help me find out the actual components and devices contained inside the encoder, interleaver, modulator and spreader in an Anti Jam communication system. And also the fuctions of each of the components and devices and how they assist in the anti jamming process.....Thanks a lot...
googled it u will get all
Vila • Jul 19, 2008
Tried googling and searched in yahoo, but no block diagram or components inside them for anti jamming application....
Well are u doing some kinda project???
just2rock • Jul 21, 2008
be a little more specific about your exact enquiry.
Vila • Jul 21, 2008
Hii all,

Yes, it's my final year project. I am doing final year project on Anti Jam communication system, more specifically on Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum(DSSS). I have a basic block diagram on anti jam communication system such as the encoder,interleaver,modulator,spreader, channel, demodulator...etc. Right now i am looking for a more specific and detailed block diagram. Take for an example the modulator system of an anti jam system - what are the devices contained inside them? Like transistors, op-amps or logic gates, and how they are arranged? In the yahoo or google image search, we can find lots of block diagrams. But the problem is i need the right one for anti jam application and DSSS. I also tried finding in the ieee website and books but still unable to get the correct one....please help me...thanks a lot...
Hello!!!why dont you study anti-jamming system available in market,when u have the block daigram,u can start with the firts block,and u get lot of IC in markets capable of performingh complex operations

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