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ghosts • Jun 4, 2009

Compare M.Tech. (in India) and MS(in US) !!

hai i`m doing my 3rd Btech and my branch of study is ECE. Now i`m in a dilemma to choose my career. In acutal, i`m a bit intrested in the field of web designing (currently i`m running a website too) and also in robotics/embedded systems.

Firstly i would like to know the careers options and job placements related to both the fields.

Secondly, I would like to know which among Mtech(In India) and MS(In US) is the best option to choose.

If MS is the best option then which field i can choose for better career and job security?

Please answer my questions asap so that i can join any kind of coaching to make it possible.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 4, 2009
Before we discuss further, do go through -

The question you've asked is very generic. I see that you are Electronics & Communications Engineer. There are ample job opportunities to engineers. M.Tech & MS are two different courses and you'll have to make selection based upon your interest than others' predictions about job opportunities.

Job Security - No job in this world is secure. So let's not discuss this. For better career, select the course that you are interested in.

You may begin with comparing the syllabus for the two courses. Let us know what you think.
ghosts • Jun 4, 2009
i think i have got the answer and thanks for the support and i have decided that it`s not the opportunities that you should be interested in rather its the love towards the field and i will choose any one field but i think i need some more time (atleast a week days) to judge.

thanks for the support admin

i will let you know what i have decided.

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