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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Oct 22, 2009

Colloquium: Remote Control System in Television - Questions/Discussions

Submitted by : CEan Shonali55

Check this entry at :

Colloquium: Remote Control System in Television - CrazyEngineers
durga ch
durga ch • Oct 26, 2009
nice how stuff works article😀

Shonali, Looks like your article talks about IR remote systems right?
Now a days we have many other PAN technologies such as Bluetooth taking leap. why can't Bluetooth be used for remote controlling? or can it be used?
I think Bluetooth's high power consumption limits it use for relatively simple remote controlling applications. I think so far IR is the most efficient means of controlling if you only have a limited set of commands, and if there isn't any obstructions in the LOS.

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