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Cloud 20/20 Student Technical Paper Contest 2011

Question asked by Reya in #Coffee Room on Sep 15, 2011
Reya · Sep 15, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
About Contest:

Cloud 20/20 Version 3.0, India’s biggest online technical paper contest, gives you the platform to showcase your innovative and path-breaking technical ideas and take them to the next level. At Unisys, research and innovation command high significance, driving Unisys to understand the dynamic changes in the industry and design the most economical, innovative products and services. Through Cloud 20/20 Version 3.0, Unisys aspires to reach out to the leading engineering campuses in India and discover the finest technical talent.

Contest Topics:

1. Automation for Cloud Computing
2. Virtualization (server, storage, networks)
3. Application Development for the Cloud
4. Security Issues in the Cloud
5. Moving Workloads from Datacenter to the Cloud
6. Consumerization of IT
7. Cloud Computing for Airports – Solutions and Benefits

Registration and General Guidelines:
  • Each participant is eligible to submit only one entry.
  • Cloud 20/20 Version 3.0 Student Technical Paper Contest 2011 will accept only individual entries. Contestants cannot participate in teams.
  • Each participant can choose any one of the given topics and cannot submit a Technical Paper that is not part of the given topics.
  • Participants cannot submit multiple entries.
  • Decisions of the judging panel will be considered as final in each stage of the competition.
  • All submissions will be judged on their technical merit and their relevance to the chosen topic.
  • All the Abstracts and Technical Paper, including text, graphics, and images submitted for Cloud 20/20 Version 3.0 will be considered as Intellectual Property of Unisys or its licensors.
Source: Cloud 20/20 - India's Biggest Online Technical Paper Contest | Contest Details - Guidelines Posted in: #Coffee Room

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