Algostatic Technologies
Information Technology
21 May 2019

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

What are the latest trends for Digital Marketing in 2019?

Manshi Ramtel
Information Technology
17 May 2019

What is the most researched topic related to AI for proposal writing?

I have to fill Research Ethics Approval form tomorrow,but I haven't even found the best topic related to Artificial Intelligence(AI), for proposal writing so, please help me

Amilcare Schenone
14 May 2019

Stress relaxation limit for steel

Hello to all, speaking of steel, could anyone explain to me how stress relaxation works?  if we take an iron plate and apply a weight to it that is well below the fatigue limit...

Lee Powell
14 May 2019

What would be the proper size beam needed in the following situation?

I have a 24 foot load bearing wall I would like to remove, I have a dead load of 17#sq" (old built up gravel roof) the contributing area is 24'x14'=336sq.'336x17=5712#/24'=238#...

Sanjay Kumar Haojam
10 May 2019

AI for speech recognition projects

I'm looking forward for a project, achievable in about 6 months time.Request for AI for speech recognition ideas which may benefit an organisation or a company, may or ma...

Determine the Maximum Design Load

Dear Engineers,May I ask for your assistance in answering this question in finding the maximum design load of a beam.

12 May 2019

How to remove water from liquid digestate?

I am working on a project to dry liquid digestates (residue from the fermentation process of biogas plants). The aim of the project is to reduce the volume of the liquid digesta...

Pankaj Karande
06 May 2019

Will density of metal increase with temperature and cold working?

I have a metal strip (20 x 180 x 1 mm) formed by electrodeposition. The metal strip was annealed to 935 degree centigrade (microstructure showed increase in grain size). The str...

How to convert cable thermal losses [Watts] into enthalpy?

Hello fellow engineersI have a certain thermal loss from my power cables, it's about 15Watts loss, and I somehow have to convert that into a enthalpy so I can calculate h...

Branch Unspecified
30 Apr 2019


Are there any detecting tool(viz. LASER tool),which can detect the cause of jamming of a pipeline,by not dismantling the pipeline initially.

sachin saket
Information Technology
25 Apr 2019

Solving PC Problems Caused By Missing DLL Files

DLL files are a critical sort of record. They are available in practically all PC applications today. They are records which can be called upon by projects and applications to d...

23 Apr 2019

Webinar on AI for embedded system developers

Design News says:Join us today at 2:00 PM EDT for the start of this week’s course Machine Learning for Embedded Software Engineers.Artificial intelligence has long...

Abhirup Sinha
19 Apr 2019

Eligibility for Top MNC placement


rm siddaveer
16 Apr 2019

When is the last date to apply internship in DRDO?

last date to apply DRDO in 2019and provide some information

16 Apr 2019

Discussion about Thermoelectric

hi ! im just want to asking about this particular thermoelectric ? mind to shares your knowledge about this ? feel free to share or maybe can share the link where i can got more...

15 Apr 2019

Displacement settlements. Surface Water Management

Regarding the emergency sector.Does anyone here have experience with surface water management in urban displacement settlements? (flooding in refugee camps in cities).

hari praveen
12 Apr 2019

Fabrication of solar seed sprayer

What are the information needed to complete the project successfully 

Vinay Mishra
Computer Science
11 Apr 2019

Lets talk about Online Game Hacking!

I got a lot of questions about.. Is it possible to hack any online game? For example PUBG MOBILE, Is it possible to hack PUBG MOBILE?Yes it is Possible!As PUBG MOB...

Subhadra Perumalla
Computer Science
08 Apr 2019

Chebyshev polynomials in cryptography

How can we perform key generation using chebysev polynomials 

clive muchati
Information Technology
07 Apr 2019

What are the major differences between larmpot and Agrawala algorithm?

with aid of examples , explain thee differences between ricart Agrawala and larmpot algorithm

Chris Orr
05 Apr 2019

Help or advice on how to manufacture this product?

I'm(22m) am a 3rd year product design engineering student and we've been tasked with bringing a previous designed concept to the point that you have a complete idea of what it w...

Vinay Mishra
Computer Science
01 May 2019

Brief about Artificial Intelligence: The future of technology

Whenever we talk about future technologies, we always have a doubt related to some technologies like ROBOTICS, AI(Artificial Intelligence),

Mohit Patil
Computer Science
01 Apr 2019

The chip select logic for a certain DRAM chip in a memory system design is shown below.

Assume that the memory system has 16 address lines denoted by A15 to A0. What is the range of address (in hexadecimal) of the memory system that can get enabled by the chip sele...

pushpa monisha
Electronics and Communication
06 Apr 2019

Advantages of using IoT platform (eg Thingspeak) over Mysql

I am using Thingspeak IOT cloud platform for storing and retriving the real time data. Creating own database through MYSQL is also suggested. Which is better? IOT cloud platform...

nipun arora
Computer Science
07 Apr 2019

Why is Java the most commonly used language in the IT industry?

java language mostly used for IT industry pefer the java language based on security 

Ayman Alshobaki
Computer Science
11 Apr 2019

What is the difference between object recognition and detection?

hi computer engineer student ,my graduation project about home security .The idea is to make a webcam recognize the stuff that gets into the house from peopl...

Sir, please suggest me a topic for last year engineering project civil engineering ?

Sir,I am Civil engineering Student & My field of interest is project management,environment engineering &Foundation engineering so please suggest me a subject and topic f...

Manju Gurung
Computer Science
26 Mar 2019

Project idea for Computer Science Engineering Students

I want make a search Engineering ne, not so complicated, as a project. But I am not able to figure out that for what purpose it should be? Like Google searches everything you wa...

Joseph Simon
Computer Science
25 Mar 2019

MikroTik Hotspot Setup with social media.

Today my friend explain to me this idea about hotspot configuration in Mikrotik router. that when I user what to connect to the wireless I will ask you to like the page/profile...

awais arshad
21 Mar 2019

What is the difference between efficiency and gain?

can anyone explain the difference between efficiency and gain with detail?please give me technical answer ..    

Hemali Dekivadia
Computer Science
20 Mar 2019

Voice Controlled Personal Assistant using Raspberry Pi

Sir, I like your project, I want to make it. Sir can you please tell me the components their wiring and the programming sir, please....

manoj chavan
21 Mar 2019

how to design a sluice valve for 10 inch diameter pipe using Indian standrad 14846:2000?

I know how to find thickness of valve body using lame's equation. and i am struck of wedge and further design process.

Thinh Nghiem
Information Technology
19 Mar 2019

Can a gyroscope change its rotating direction?

In school, I had chance to learn about the movement of...

Vinay Mishra
Computer Science
17 Mar 2019

How can we manage three types of account in any website(My Startup). i.e, User, Super user, Admin?

I want to manage three type of accounts in my website but i am confused that how i can make it possible. 

Tyler Santos
14 Mar 2019

AC resistance less than DC resistance in Litz wire

I was testing a wireless charging Litz wire coil at work today and realized something strange to me. The formula I know for calculating AC resistance is "Z = √ (R2 + (XL– XC)2"....

Harsha Swamy
Computer Science
14 Mar 2019

How to add spaces in between characters in a char array without using builtin fuctions

Input- "java"output-" j a v a"That is inserting a space in between two characters in a char arrayIn a char array without using any built in functions like a...

Manju Gurung
Computer Science
12 Apr 2019

Can we jam the radio signals by some blocks of code?

Suppose we want to jam the radio signals or any other type of signals at a particular area. So, is it possible to jam all those signals by using coding? If yes, then what progra...

Kelvin Galiny
13 Mar 2019

How to implement and control electromagnets in sorting machines?

I am planning to make an escargot sorting machine by using electromagnets. Picture below is a part of the conveyor. So initially the magnet holds the plate in place. Then after...

Sagar Jiyani
28 Mar 2019

Electro static pracipitator required power calculation?

i m from engineering india there is above 7 tph boiler used ESP for dust remove from flue gas.if i want to make esp for 1 to 6 tph boiler then what should...

What type of lightweight aggregate will give great result in concrete.

I'm doing a project on lightweight aggregate concrete..I want to know that what type of lightweight material can I use in it as aggregate.

12 Mar 2019

Anyone interested in a free design idea and rough conceptual drawings?

I developed a mechanical design for a spherical wheel steering system that could allow cars to make very interesting maneuvers. I showed it to my engineering professor who speci...

12 Mar 2019

Any other fillers for plastic injection molding?

Ok so I am writing an article about injection molding and I want to get it right.To my knowledge, there are mainly seven types of fillers used in the injection molding pr...

12 Mar 2019

crop harvesting machine (mini combine harvester)

I want the idea of making a combine harvester .which can be Ox drawn  and can be used to harvest crops such as maize .wheat, soya beans and other  and it has to be cheap and aff...

Joseph Duwensee
Computer Science
12 Mar 2019

What Engineering Discipline reguarly uses Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Optimization, Partial Differential Equations and Information Theory?

Hello, I have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (3.73 GPA) and want to pursue graduate school in engineering. I have never taken a single engineering course before.Wha...

Hrishi kesh
Electronics and Telecommunication
08 Mar 2019

RF Jammer which can jam a wide range of frequencies

HelloI need help in creating a signal Jammer which can block all frequencies from 3 KHZ to 300 GHZ.This may be very complicated to start with so would l...

ch. rajesh
07 Mar 2019

I have a interview next week at a pharma industry how should I prepare for the technical round. What ground should I cover based on my subject

I have a interview next week at a pharma industry how should I prepare for the technical round. What ground should I cover based on my subject

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