20 May 2019

The Best Free Apps and Software You're Not Already Using

Disclaimer: No idea about any of these. For what it is (if it is) worth:

20 May 2019

Five essential business skills for engineering entrepreneurs

Ana Avaliani of the Royal Academy of Engineering discusses why it is critical that we close the business skills gap to drive engineering enterprise.

18 May 2019

What should be the format of uploading project ?

what will be the size of the headings and paragraphs,title pages and certifications e.t.c

17 May 2019

A deeper look into NERA – the world´s first fully 3D printed E-Bike by NOWLAB

Engineer(UK) says: BigRep unveiled the NERA E-Motorcycle on November 13, 2018 at Formnext and it went viral!Now let’s take a deeper look at how the world’s first fully 3D-...

17 May 2019

Five-seater electric air-taxi lifts off in Munich

Engineer (UK) says: German startup Lilium has completed the maiden flight of its all-electric air-taxi, a five-seater VTOL tiltjet capable of covering 300km in 60 minutes.

How do I calculate the future cooling demand

Hello Engineers..I am currently working on an assignment and I have the following information.222.7 W/m^2 from lighting3.784 W/m^2 from thermal losses in ca...

What is mean by MIG in electrode

What is mean by consumable electrode like MIG

15 May 2019

Will Blockchain handcuff the hackers and cut corruption?

If the above can happen as suggested by 'Electropages', Blockchain will be blocked by most governments.

15 May 2019

A truly CE idea: Put out a fire in space by vacuuming it

Tech Briefs says:Researchers from the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan have developed a new type of fire extinguisher that is optimized for space-use and does...

Electronics and Communication
12 May 2019

Eligibility criteria to pursue B.Ed. For B.E. ECE Branch Engineers

I have completed my BE in ECE stream. Can I pursue B.Ed course. If yes means which subject I can take from B.ed 

Amilcare Schenone
16 May 2019

Will a load below the fatigue limit cause breakage on a piece of immobile iron?

Speaking of cars, in particular of the chassis, if we keep a car stopped for years, will the weight of the engine and all the components form cracks in the crystalline microstru...

17 May 2019

Is there any chance to do internship without any college recommendations?

Respected madam, Am vaishnavi, pursuing my btech 3rd year, me and my friends are willing to do our internship in your company is there any possibility.?? 

Kumar Sahoo
10 May 2019

Why does a motor take 1 ampere when current passes through auxiliary contacts, whereas it takes 10 ampere?

motor takes 1 ampere when current passes through auxiliary contacts it takes 10 ampere why?

07 May 2019

Learn The Entire Python Language In A Single Image

The only pythons I know of were some in my grandfather's farm and a huge one that I saw in Thekkadi sanctuary in Kerala. No idea if what is claimed above is valid. For those mor...

06 May 2019

How to Write Email with Military Precision?

From Pocket: A few tips on how to craft emails to quickly and clearly relay messages and avoid miscommunication.

06 May 2019

Classical Automation enters the Alien World of IT

DesignSpark says: In the first of a new series, Dr Volker de Haas, designer of the open source PLC/IPC Revolution Pi, explains the core differences between automation and IT.

06 May 2019

The Best Space Movies of the Last 10 Years

Design invites: Take a look at how space has been portrayed in film over the past decade, from nonfiction movies such as First Man to space fantasy in the Star Wars movies.

06 May 2019

Changing an Atom or Two of an Electrochromic Material Changes its Color

Machine Design says: A serendipitous discovery by a grad student at the Georgia Institute of Technology has led to materials that quickly change color from completely clear to a...

05 May 2019

How does Curret sensor on Labview using Arduino works ?

Hi everyone! Im working on a project in which I need to mesure the current using sensor, and show the battery level on labview.i'm asking, where can I find current sensor...

04 May 2019

Practice test exam collections and Questions Answers

When you are making ready for a certification check, one in every of the toughest elements is locating data sources. several of the exams have third-party preparation materials...

05 May 2019

Uses of slew rate or rise time.

Why is the rise time AKA slew rate of an amplifier used to prevent distortion of signal in a signal conditioning circuit? Thank you

Vasanth Rao Vyasamneni
Branch Unspecified
03 May 2019

No proper signal by Tata sky set box

No continuous signal. Lot of interruptions with a message “cloudy/ rainy weather. But actually it is not. Here is A clear weather. Tried to change settings also. No result. What...

01 May 2019

Im asking of ideas to add to my project also how to calculate how much solar panels generate?

Hi everyone ! My project is a solar tree With solar trackers using Arduino uno,LDR and servo motors. This tree can also move and provide charging for electronics such as phones....

Computer Science
29 Apr 2019

Can I get TCS, Cognizant or Capgemini or WIPRO with 58.6% in 12?

Can I get jobs in MNC company with 50.6%in 12 like tcs ,Wipro,cognizant capjamini

Abdul Rasool
29 Apr 2019

Why zener diode conducts currents in reverse but why not semiconductor diode?

Why zener diode conducts currents in reverse but why not semiconductor diode?

Hanmant Bawage
Electronics and Telecommunication
24 Apr 2019

Should I go for CDAC after Diploma and EnTC Engineering?

I had completed my 12 then i completed my diploma and now i am doing degree in e&tc .now i am in final year .should i try for cdac What if i choose cdac .and which stream...

24 Apr 2019

Intel and Cray Will Deliver First Exoscale Supercomputer to National Lab

Machine Design says: Intel Corp. and Cray Inc. will deliver the first supercomputer with a per...

23 Apr 2019

"4 Crazy Medtech Innovations" That Are Tearing up the Script

MD&DI says: Decision Resources Group (DRG) released a new report today, "4 Crazy Medtech Innovations" that identifies four areas of medtech innovation that are forecasted to sha...

22 Apr 2019

Graduation research project about using FRP for strengthening tubes

I am on my final year in civil engineering and I have to make my research project about using FRP for strengthening thin walled tubes. I need some help for getting my resources...

radha krishnan
22 Apr 2019

What are the SEO offpage strategies

I want to know about the SEO offpage strategies. please suggest me if you know that.

21 Apr 2019

Avishkaar Summer Internship Program 2019

I got introduced to Avishkar through CE.They have come up with an exciting summer internship programme for 2019. CEan students can have a look.

16 Apr 2019

Meet Blue, the Low-Cost, Human-Friendly Robot

Robots may have a knack for superhuman strength and precision, but they still struggle with some basic human tasks such as folding laundry and making a cup of coffee.Enter...

Honey Times
30 Apr 2019

Government College or Private College?

Is government college should been choose or not?

12 Apr 2019

A Black Hole Has Been Photographed for the First Time

Design News says: By its very definition, a black hole cannot be seen . They are so dense no light can escape from them. What the Event Horizon group has revealed in its photo i...

12 Apr 2019

Yngwie Malmsteen goes heavy on ‘unbreakable’ guitar

A truly Crazy hard core engineering to make a   Guitar!Engineer (UK) says: An ‘unbreakable’ 3D printed guitar has been given the heavy metal treatment by Swedish guitar l...

Johnny Jany
11 Apr 2019

Battery Insulation resistance Caluculation [Software development]

Hello Everyone I have to develop insulation resistor value  for our battery 350VI have seen in online so many Caluculation for insulation resistor, but not sure ho...

BB Anon
11 Apr 2019

At a place where all projects are at a stop.

I recently started my first engineering job from being a fresh graduate where I'm a design engineer. Our workplace have a hours clocking machine to clock whenever working an a p...

11 Apr 2019

Can This Basketball-Playing Robot Beat a Professional?

World Industrial Reporter says: Japanese engineers have developed CUE3, a basketball-playing robot designed to make three-point shots. It only hit five out of eight on a test tr...

10 Apr 2019

Proposed Supercomputer Will Be Six Billion Times Faster Than a Cray-1

Design News says: A breathtakingly fast computer being developed by Cray Inc. and Intel Corp.may help address some of the world’s most inscrutable science and engineering proble...

05 Apr 2019

Most Embedded System Failures Can Be Prevented

Design News says: Early awareness of problems is the key to circumventing failures of embedded electronics, an expert will tell attendees at the upcoming Embedded Systems Confer...

04 Apr 2019

FindyBot3000 - a Voice Controlled Organizer, just the thing for crazy disorganised EEs

As any maker can attest, over the years, one collects a lot of parts. Perhaps...

04 Apr 2019

Free E-Book: Turnabout: Auto Industry Heads Toward Electrification

Design News says:The inevitable is upon us.After a quarter-century of fitful stops and starts, the auto industry has accepted the inevitability of electrification....

04 Apr 2019

Handling Trillions of Supercomputer Files Just Got Simpler

Machine Design says: A new distributed file system for high-performance computing, Delta FS, was developed by computer scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Carnegie...

31 Mar 2019

How about a Neck Through Bass Guitar?

This instructable describes how to build a neck-through electric bass guitar w...

Marah Essa
Geometric and Geospatial
31 Mar 2019

Can you give me a examples of graduation project in GIS ?

I need help to identify a graduate project in GIS

Vinay Mishra
Computer Science
07 Apr 2019

How can I get Blue (verified sign) here on CrazyEngineers?

I wanna know, how can I get verified account on Crazy Engineers?

Michael Pigford
Electronics and Telecommunication
30 Mar 2019

I've never used this before any suggestions?

I have no idea about this site any help would be much appreciated. 

29 Mar 2019

More Than Bitcoin: 8 Industries Being Innovated by Blockchain

Design News says: For those just beginning to understand blockchain technology it may seem that its that same thing cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. What's lesser understoo...

26 Mar 2019

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy - Machine Design Editor Carlos Gonsales

Carlos says: Face front, true engineers! Alas, this will be my last editorial with Machine Design. I will be taking on a new role at the American Society of Mechanical...

24 Mar 2019

Do you want to take part in Designing for Children?

Designing for Children is being o...

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