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Fast and Low Cost PCB Fabrication Experience with ALLPCB

Being in design and development we need to go for many prototyping and small quantity PCB fabrication.Isn't not easy to get source where we can get a good quality of PCB...

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How A machine has figured out Rubik’s Cube all by itself?

Unlike chess moves, changes to a Rubik’s Cube are hard to evaluate, which is why deep-learning machines haven’t been able to solve the puzzle on their own. Until now.

What Changes are needed in the Education System and Workers Training to match current Industry needs?

The manufacturing environment is changing. With the rapid advancement of new technology, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to find workers with the appropri...

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Which app should we build next?

Our CrazyEngineers ecosystem now has three apps - Discussions, News and Downloads. These apps were added first because they were a part of our old website. Which app woul...

CrazyEngineers V1.1.0 Launched - What's New?

CrazyEngineers has been upgraded to version 1.1.0 and here's a list of changes that it brings -1. New App: 'Downloads'As promised...

Is finishing the job or defining the goal more important?

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Want to take a walk underwater?

Quote: Researchers have developed a 3D-printed smart gel that can walk underwater and even grab and move objects. The development paves the way for innovations in medicine, robo...

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What is Object Oriented Programming?

What is Object oriented programming:Father - Son, go and get Red LabelSon - 750ml or 1 ltr??Mother - Son, go and get Red LabelSon...

What is your opinion on this new facial recognition system installed in Chinese school?

The artificial intelligence has made its way to school and our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined. Take a look at this video -

Anyone for a handmade electric guitar?

The authour says i cost US$ 500. I am sure it can be done for much less in India.

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Is this the end of Moore's Law for engineering education?

Today's The New Indian Express - Bengaluru carries an item on 78 Engineering Courses being shut down in about 35 engineering colleges including some major ones because of lack o...

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