Suma Munnangi
Electronics and Communication

Eligibility criteria in companies

My 10th nd +2 marks are fine. But my btech % is less. 50% . In which companies I can apply for a job?

Peter Sen
Information Technology

Mobile Application Development vs Website Development

Why Mobile application development is chosen over website development nowadays by entrepreneurs. 

Genelia Smith
Computer Science

How can I fix Linksys router issue?

I have recently bought a Linksys router. I am not so familiar with its programme. I am facing Linksys Router Error 2118. Please help me with a proper idea.

Viraj Hodavdekar
Computer Science

Need help building UI for partially/blind people

My Master's project consists of making a UI for partially blind or visually impaired people ie people who have very poor eyesight. I have come up with sketches for the UI which...

Call Kirana
Computer Science

How Can I Build Grocery App in Hybrid?

Nowadays there has been a storm surge in grocery mobile app. There is a strong reason behind it because modern day groceries have seen a significant rise in sal...

Joseph Simon
Computer Science

Water utility Billing system on open source software ?

hi!I got this project in my table on creating billing system and I wonder if it's possible to do it with open source. I need advice on the best Open source system I can c...

Rural Road Development Project

Hi Madam / siri hope you doing great.I am doing my final year project about the rural road development and they ask me to chose specific title in...

amara wilson
Computer Science

Which Laptop is Best For College Students?

Hey Everyone, Would you please suggest me a good laptop for studying purpose. Actually I want to buy a laptop for my sister, she is studying in B.C.A first year. I want to buy a...

Karuna Jhaggar
Computer Science

How to integrate fingerprint sensor in our python project?

And also how to store date and time of the moment when sensor scans the finger into our database?

Mitch Leefers
Computer Science

Does this sound possible and useful?

Hello all, I recently graduated and for my senior project I laid the ground work for a larger project I want to complete. For my project I used an infrared motion capture system...

I have lost yesterday's Whatsapp messages after uninstall?

Hi, last night I uninstalled whatsapp for storage purposes. Today I have installed again but I notice that on one of the conversations I have on there has all of yesterday's mes...

Trishala Mutkule
Electronics and Telecommunication

What is alternative to GSM module.

I don't want to use GSM module and Arduino Uno kit but want to send message .so I want the alternative to GSM module.

Bhupendra Jamkedkar
Electronics and Communication

What is the best program for bluetooth module?

I have try to connect the bluetooth module to my phone. I have programmed it by using arduino. I am getting the msg of connecting but not getting the msg of disconnecting. So wh...

Michael Pigford
Electronics and Telecommunication

What is the best phone out there for this role?

So to start out why on earth this was first put onto the system? Is this a real job offer here at this COMPANY OR JUST TO HELP ME WITH THE APPLICATION FOR THE JOB I HAVE BEEN DO...

Is it possible to change font in Slack, say to Verdana or Source Sans?

This should be so simple, but I can't find it. Just asking if there's any way to change the default font in Slack? I searched the web client as well as desktop client (which bas...

All Video Uploading
Computer Science

Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\VISHAL-PC\Music\Welcome Message.vbs`. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again .

Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\VISHAL-PC\Music\Welcome Message.vbs`. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again .

Manish Goyal
Computer Science

Best Wireless Headphones Under Rs. 4000

HelloPlease suggest me some headsets, my requirements are so headsets can be connected to any laptop or mobile, so I can take skype calls, without sitting in front of my...

Sabir Qureshi
Electronics and Communication

interested career and financial problems

i got 68% in 10th and 52% in 12th with science stream and now i am pursuing BA but i am interested in computer science coding and electronics so what should i do.and i ha...

Nayak Manish
Computer Science

How I give input in form of c++ program ?

If we want to run whole c++ program in a place where input is required?Or how I give input in form of c++ programme.

Shreesh Bhat
Computer Science

PDF request of Java programming

please upload PDF of programming with Java by balaguruswami published by Mc Graw Hill

How would you like to be served by a robot waitress at a restaurant?

Prince Dodzi
Information Technology

How can I develop a face recognition system using python?

Please How can I develop a gui using tkinter to enroll live images into a database in python 

Indu Reddem
Computer Science

Machine Learning (Character Recognition)

How can we find characters or text from a picture using machine learning ??

Atta Rehman

How to simulate spot and pulse jamming in MATLAB?

Basically spot jamming is the type of noise jamming and pulse jamming is one of the few types of jamming how to simulate spot and pulse jamming in MATLAB?

Tejaswini Mahajan
Computer Science

Want some latest projects on chess game

Hello ma'am!!! Can you please give some latest projects on chess game(2 players, 1 "single" player)

how to remove toxic metals in E-waste?


Editing XML rendering style sheet

How to create check box through XML file in teamcenter PLM software

I want a new project topic based on the civil software please help me to find

I want a new project topic based on the civil software please help me to find


How to implement ERP In M.Tech Project in my own PC without purchasing?

IS ERP in M.TECH. project possible to use in own PC without purchasing?

goutham orton
Computer Science

Actually im at dilemmo of choosing course like machine learning and iot ,can any one help me which one i have to choose ?

i am interested in machine learning but most of the  fellows are telling that it is very difficult so please clarify my doubt and if possible tell me path for this,thank u. 

Anyone seen MathWorks 5G Modeling and Simulation Package?

Design News says:”New product is believed to be the first commercially available 5G modeling tool since the finalization of the new 5G radio standard in June.”

Raghuraj Singh
Information Technology

i was asked to make a minor project for this sem.. And my faculties are asking me for the topic of project?..So pls anyone suggest me the topic as well as how to go for it?

I am doing BE...since 2011..And now i got admitted in the final year of my course.The dumbest student of this century...i think so..If someone is currently working...

Hafiz Ashraf
Computer Science

New Project ideas For AI based Humanoid Robot for human betterment ..

I want to do work on humanoid robot as my fyp project ..Seeking for your creative ideas ?

Sahithi Pallavi
Computer Science

Seagate authorized service centre in southern India?

My Seagate hard disk is not detecting. I am not able to find any authorized service centre in Andhra Pradesh. I am afraid giving to third parties. 

What Embedded Developers Need to Know About Open Source?

Ahead of his talk at ESC Minneapolis, Rod Cope, CTO of Rogue Wave Software, spoke with us about how open source code ends up in devices without anyone noticing and what every em...

Releasing a blog for the minor project would be a good idea?

Hello,I am thinking to release one gaming blog for my minor project. Would it be a good idea or no?I'm thinking to start mini militia health mod blog. This game is...

Kriti Sharma
Computer Science

Which Laptop is Best For Architecture Students?

Hey there,I don't know whether it's a right place to ask this question or not, but if anybody can help. It would be greatMy brother is doing bachelors in architect...

Dhiraj Powar

Give some New electronics project ideas which will help to farmers ?

I want the electronics project ideas which gives solutions for problems that faced by farmers .

Half of Macbook keyboard dysfunctional - How to fix?

I did a fresh install of MacOS on my Macbook. After completing the install, I encountered a strange problem - half of the keyboard was dysfunctional. I experimented with...

Which remote desktop software works on LAN?

I'm looking to establish local remote desktop connection (over LAN) between an iMac and a Windows 10 PC. I've tried TeamViewer, but it's too pricey for my needs. I've tri...

Mukta Madankar

What are precautionary steps for malware detection?

precautionary steps for malware detection .. can anyone help please

How to Hack Amazon Alexa to Build a Connected Thermostat?

"Alexa, please change the temperature of the attic to 26 degrees".Here's how combining an Amazon Echo Dot and an Arduino allows you to build a voice-controlled, WiFi-enab...

Jyoti Dahiya
Information Technology

Picture Search Machine project

Hello can you please help me to built a project on picture search machine

How about wearables to control computers?

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have invented some wearable technology that will let people control their computers and mobile apps with hand gestures. 

Are CrazyEngineers notification mails getting delivered to SPAM folder?

@Ambarish‍ informed us that the notification emails from CrazyEngineers we...

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